Rising Star Game - Journey of Success County Festival Gig mission


Today I played first time County Festival Gig mission. County Festival Gig mission is the 5th mission of 3rd zone named " County Tour". Following are the basic requirements of County Festival Gig mission.

  1. Fans 5000.
  2. Level 150.
  3. Energy 100.


Before starting County Festival Gig mission you are also needed to complete " County Festival Auditions" mission 8 times. must be at level 50 and have one Can of Petrol in your inventory. So as soon as today I reached level 150 I started County Festival Gig mission.


County Festival Gig mission takes 180 minutes in completion. In first three zones there are two missions which takes 180 minutes for completion. First one is Saturday Headline mission from 1st zone known as Home Town.


This mission consumes 100% energy but once you complete
County Festival Gig mission you get 36% self generated energy @300/5=36. This 36% energy you can better consume in small duration missions.
County Festival Gig mission can mine more Starbits as compared to Saturday Headline mission. Now I have choice in two missions when I want to engage the game for 180 minutes.

I got 100 Starbits as reward on completing County Festival Gig mission first time with the following congratulation message on my diary.

Congratulations! You completed your first County Festival Gig mission and got a reward of 100 starbits!


Journey of Success will be continued.
Thanks for reading and support.
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