Rising Star Game - completed 25 Record A Demo missions


Today is the first working day of this week and I completed completed 25 Record A Demo missions. Record A Demo mission is the 3rd mission of 2nd zone named " Local Gig Circuit". Following are the basic requirements of Record A Demo mission.

  1. Fans 900.
  2. Level 40.
  3. Energy 100.


Before starting Record A Demo mission you are also needed to complete " Radio Interview" mission 10 times.
Record A Demo mission takes 200 mission in completion. In first three zones there is not any other mission which takes 200 minutes.
This mission consumes 100% energy but once you complete
Record A Demo mission you get 40% self generated energy @200/5=40. This 40% energy you can better consume in Music Lesson.

I got 100 Starbits as reward on completing 25 Record A Demo missions with the following congratulation message on my diary.

Congratulations! You completed 25 Record A Demo missions and got a reward of 100 starbits!

Journey of Success will be continued.
Thanks for reading and support.
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