Rising Star Game Journey of Success Completed 25 Full Band Support Mission.

Good Evening to All. Today I completed 25 Full Band Support Mission and awarded 100 Starbits with the following congratulation message on my diary

Congratulations! You completed 25 Full Band Support missions and got a reward of 100 starbits!


Full Band Support Mission is the second mission of 3rd zone called " Country Tour". Followings are the mission requirements;



one additional includes 5 " Can of Petrol " cards.

Can of Petrol

The price of one Can of Petrol card is 5.00000000 SWAP.HIVE or 5000 Starbits. Means to start this mission you should have 25000 starbits or 25 hive in your account at hive engine.


This is the only standard mission in the first three zones of 15 minutes duration. Now you have two missions in first three zones which consumes 35% of energy.

  1. One is Mid Week Support Slot mission in the 1st zone named " Home Town".
  1. Second is Full Band Support Mission in the 3rd zone named " Country Tour ".

I like this mission because this is offering a good range of Starbits in less time period.
Journey of Success will be continued.
Thanks for reading and support.
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