Journey of Success Completed 1000 missions

Hi all, today i completed my first 1000 missions. 40 days back I was on mission 500. I covered the journey from mission 500 to mission 1000 rapidly as compared to journey from mission 1 to mission 500.
On the completion of 1000 mission rising star game offers you a Free Random Card Pack. I was very enthusiast to complete 1000 mission for getting that Free Random Card Pack .
So the day came and i completed my 1000 missions a got a Free Random Card Pack.
I got

  1. R92 Desktop Mic.
  2. i25 Cheap Trombone.
  3. 35 Keely.

One Rare and two common cards. 35 Keely common card from people, i25 Cheap Trombone common card from instrument and R92 Desktop Mic rare card from instrument also.



Besides these three cards, I also awarded 1000 Starbits for completing 1000 missions with the following message on my dialy diary.

Congratulations! You completed 1000 missions and got a reward of 1000 starbits!

All of these things are very encouraging and inspirational. I would like to pay thanks @Jux for this beautiful stuff.

Thanks for reading and support.

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