Journey of Success Full Band Headline Mission

Today I completed my first "Full Band Headline" mission. Full Band Headline mission is the third standard mission of the third zone named " Country Tour ".

Standard Missions are the normal missions in the game and are the main way to progress.


It requires 3000 fans including both permanent and drunk, level requirement is 100. Full Band Headline mission duration is 60 minutes. Full Band Headline mission consumes 80% energy. Fans,energy and level are common requirements of all standard missions. Full Band Headline Mission requires some specific cards details given below;

First Rehearsal Room

you are required to hold one First Rehearsal Room card which you bought at the time of "Band Rehearsal" mission.


Rising star game introductory price of First Rehearsal Room card is 10000 Starbits or 4 Swap.Hive at present time.


Can Of Petrol

you are required to own 10 Can Of Petrol cards. Out of which you bought 5 Can Of Petrol cards at the time of "Full Band Support" mission. So now you will have to buy 5 more Can Of Petrol cards.


Rising star game introductory price of Can Of Petrol card is 5000 Starbits or 5 Swap.Hive at present time.


So in total you will be spending 60000 Starbits or 9 hive to start this mission at present time.

Once I finished the Full Band Headline Mission first time I got 50 starbits as reward with following message on my Dialy Diary.

Congratulations! You completed your first Full Band Headline mission and got a reward of 50 starbits!.

Journey of Success will be Continued.
Thanks for reading and support.

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