How to kill your Ego?

Killing ego is very essential to be successful both in rising star game and in our practical life.In rising star game, We get Ego when we reach level 15 or get 1000 fans( including both permanent and drunk).

Increased ego reduces the maximum number of Starbits which we can get after completion of any standard mission.

To know more details about Ego read the article which link is given

.Lets Talk about Ego

Ego can be reduced by;

(a) Increasing Skil

(b) avoiding mission repeition withing the same day beacuse
everytime you repeat the mission, ego from mission completions

(c) When increasing skill then keep in mind " Total Ego "

Ego from fans:
Ego from missions:
Total Ego:

If skill is equal to total Ego then there is no more Ego. Best practice is to retain more skill than " Total Ego " because you can get any random number of Drunk fans upon the completion of any standard mission.

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