How to check your total Cards or Inventory on a single page?

When you start playing Rising Star Game, you set your own goals or set direction which changes with the passage of time depending upon your experience,needs or guidance from senior players.

Without Cards progress in Rising Star Game is not possible so buy cards from market or open card packs time to time.

Sometimes you need to know that how many cards do you hold for any sort of analysis purpose.

Now there are two ways to know your total Cards or Inventory. One is Common way and other is Smart way. Lets discuss one by one.

Common Way

Common or normal way is that you go to Home page of rising star website and then click on "Cards" tab,


Or you go to the Game page of risingstar website and then click on "Cards" tab,


which will direct you to collection page

cards 2.png

then you will move from one category to other category and scroll down , scroll up the pages and keep in mind what you find there. No doubt, very hectic and time taking way.

Smart Way

Well there is another way to know all of your total Cards or Inventory on a single page. Simply write your username after "@" in the link given below and the result will be very pleasant.


Note: This is my own inventory page

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