How to Get more Xp in Less time and low energy?

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In rising star game there are different missions.To Unlock new Zones you are required Xp.Usually this Xp is earned after the completion of every mission. If you want to earn more Xp then you will have to complete longer missions which start with 100% energy,that is the last mission of every Zone like Saturday Headline mission in Home Town zone and Band Auditions mission in Local Gig Circuit.
These mission takes longer time and 100% energy. Now there are two ways in which we can

get More Xp in less time and low energy level .

1. Mussic Lessons

Normally music lessons are played to gain skill resulting in Ego reduction. Along with skill , music lessons also generate Xp. But in music lessions Xp is generated in lesser time and low energy level. Lets explain this with comparison of " Saturday Headline " mission of ' Home Town" zone with "Basic Singing Lesson".

Saturday Headline180 mints
Basic Singing Lesson60 mints
MissionEnergy Level
Saturday Headline100 %
Basic Singing Lesson40 %
MissionXp Earned
Saturday Headline127
Basic Singing Lesson120

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So its clear that

_ to earn more Xp with low energy level and less duration Music lessons are better choice as compared with completing missions.

2. Xp Booster Cards.

Xp Booster cards boost your Xp level. There are three different Xp Booster Cards.

  1. Xp +10
  2. Xp +50
  3. Xp +100

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Each Xp Booster Card increases your Xp earning . For example If you play Illegal busking and having no Xp Booster Cards then you earn 10 Xp.
Now in case you play Illegal Busking with Xp Booster Card then you will earn following Xp.

Booster CardXp Earned
No Card10 Xp
Xp +1018 Xp
Xp +5048 Xp
Xp +10088 Xp


as much Xp Booster Cards you are holding, your Xp earning increases accordingly

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