How to get Free Random Card Packs?

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This post is no more usefull now as there are no more FREE RANDOM CARD PACKS. You can read the post and enjoy.

This is clear to all rising star game players that the whole game depends upon Cards which contain unique features and characteristics.


We can buy cards from market in exchange of Starbits,hive,vibes or in any token in which that card is offered.Here Rising Star Game gives an equal opportunity to get Free Cards.
There are total 100,000 missions in Rising Star Game.These free cards are given on completion of first 100,110,120 and 130 missions.

All cards are given randomly .First random free card is given on the completion of first 100 missions then on 110 missions then on 120 missions and then on 130 missions. Then after the completion of first 500 missions a Free Random Card Pack is given. This Free Card Pack consists of three random cards.

total missions.png

Further Free Random Card Packs are given on the completion of first

  • 1000 missions
  • 2000 missions
  • 3000 missions
  • 4000 missions
  • 5000 missions

total missions 1.png

So in total 4 free cards and 5 Free Random Cards are given only. Although this number is very small as compared to total number of missions but Its all about
"FREE". We are hopeful that development team will look into matter generously and increase this number of free cards and free Random Card packs so that every day every one be with smiles on face and merriment in heart.


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