Lets talk about Ego.

Ego Story

There was a time when you started to entertain by singing on the street or a public place for donations which is illegal.You can't get a license so you'll just have to risk it and hope the police don't arrest you!

Illegal Busking article.jpg

Whenever you performed illegal Busking , you could gather few drunken fans who came there and put a little amount of money ( Starbits) in your hat before the Police chased you away.

You did not get disappoint and continued your journey of Busking. One day you got a chance to perform in a live show at pub for 10 minutes. You were going to be nervous as hell but that was the first step on the ladder to mega stardom!!

Open Mic Night article.jpg

You faced your fears and got a good reception from a few people in the pub!
Someone loved your music and offered you a support slot! (actually they had someone drop out but you can dream!).

Mid Week Support article.jpg

You did avail this opportunity very well and succeeded in making 100 fans . So You were on your way to stardom!

Now your condition gets change. You got your license and can now go busking without worrying about the Police!

Licensed Busking article.jpg

After getting license , You are starting to get popular in your home town and have been offered a midweek headline slot! You gave your best in midweek headline slot . Someone came up to you and said they were impressed!

Midweek Headline Slot article.jpg

After awesome performance in Midweek Headline Slot you were called for supporting a famous local band on a Saturday night. Now look at you! I remember when you were scraping by with a bit of illegal busking. Now you have been noticed and are supporting a famous local band on a Saturday night!!

Saturday Support article.jpg

Now you are surrounded by a lot of fans including both drunken and permanent. You have given several performances. WOW! You have reached the top in your home town and have been asked to perform with the resident band on a Saturday night.

Saturday Headline article.jpg

Amazing! From busker to a Saturday night support slot . Today Buskeria, tomorrow the world!

This is the time when you developed an ** Ego** in your personality.


When you have 1000 fans or you reach level 15 whatsoever comes first then you face "Ego".

After getting this position, Ego is inevitable.

Ego affects on the number of starbits you can earn after completing each standard mission.

Ego Origins

Ego is gained from two origins;

1. Fans

Of course this is the game of Fans. Either you are a Busker or Country level Singer if there are no Fans then there is no acceptance of your performance and no reward as these are the Fans who payoff you

More Fans means More compensation.

But number of Fans( including both permanent and drunk ) result in increased ego level When you have more fans than skill .

More Fans than Skill means high Ego level

2. Standard Missions

Standard Missions are the normal missions in the game and are the main way to progress. Illegal Busking,Open Mic Night,Mid Week Support Slot,Busking With A License and so on, are all Standard Missions.
Each standard mission completion produces a defined Ego.

If you repeat the same mission within 24 hours then ego generated by the completion of that mission also increases.

For example in case of Illegal Busking mission when first time the said mission is completed ego is 1 or in other words basic or defined ego level in Illegal Busking mission is 1 and when we repeat it within 24 hours then ego which we will gain from Illegal Busking mission will be 2 as shown in the image below.

ego comp.png

After passing 24 hours ego from mission is automatically reset to its basic level. Means here in case of Illegal Busking mission ego will again become to 1.
Ego gained from standard mission completion is permanent.

Ego is gained from Fans( including both permanent and drunk ) and standard missions completion.

ego havor.png

If you want to know your total ego both from fans and missions then take your mouse on the ego bar and a mouse hover window opens which shows your statistics.


Conclusion is that Ego is permanently chasing you either from fans or completing the standard missions. In order to get better position we will have to control our ego and keep at zero percent not only in rising star game rather in our real life also.

ego appears.png

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