Finish your Mussic Lessons of 60 minutes duration in single click again and again

We know that there are six indoor music lessons which help us in increasing our skill. These indoor music lessons are

Basic singing lessons.

Basic Singing lessons.png

Guitar lessons.

guitar lesson.png

Orchestral lessons.

orchestral lesson.png

Piano lessons.

piano lesson.png

Production lessons.

production lesson.png

Drum lessons.

drum lesson.png

Each music lesson duration is 60 minutes. This is possible to finish all indoor music lessons in Single Click or in one second. For this purpose you will have to own "Runner" artists cards from booster category.For each music lesson there is specific "Runner" artist card which performs this activity. These "Runner" cards acts like "Cold Pizza Slice" which boosts your energy to 100% and becomes reusable after 24 hours So these "Runner" cards completes your music lessons at once and then reusable after 24 hours. They will also charge a fee in starpro for this service.
Here is the details of these cards.

TE1 Francis Runner card works for "Basic singing lessons " .

TE1 Francis.png

TE2 Jimmy Runner card works for "Guitar lessons ".

TE2 Jimmy.png

TE3 Sid Runner card works for " Drum lessons ".

TE3 Sid.png

TE4 Joey Runner card works for " production lessons ".

TE4 Joey.png

TE5 Tess Runner card works for " Orchestral lessons ".

TE5 Tess.png

TE6 Tobias Runner card works for "Piano lessons ".

TE6 Tobias.png

Lets Suppose you are well equipped with Guitar instruments and wants to finish Guitar lessons 2 times with single click then you are required to own two "TE2 Jimmy " cards.

For example you start Piano lesson then at bottom right corner a Button appears with label " Finish Now ".

piano lesson finish now.png

Once you own relevant "Runner Card " which is TE6 Tobias then click on "Finish Now " and that's it.

This sort of proficiency is also available for crafting fair missions and 5 minute missions like illegal busking and radio interview etc

illegal busking.png

which details are given under;

RU1 Paula Runner card works for " 5 minute missions like illegal busking and radio interview " etc

RU1 Paula.png

RU2 Kevin Runner card works for " crafting fair missions ".

RU2 Kevin.png

Keep in mind that All of these "Runner" cards will work with required energy level.

Thank you for reading.

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