Rising Star Game Journey of Success completed 25 Band Rehearsal missions

hello every body, today I completed 25 Band Rehearsal missions and got a reward of 100 Starbits with following congratulation message on my diary

Congratulations! You completed 25 Band Rehearsal missions and got a reward of 100 starbits.

Band Rehearsal mission is the first mission of third zone named " Country Tour ". You are required to have 1750 fans including both permanent and drunk. Level requirement is 80. Band Rehearsal mission total duration is 5 minutes and it consumes 15% energy.

1750805 minutes15 %


Besides these things Band Rehearsal mission also needed one "First Rehearsal Room" card which you can find in "Others" section of Cards.


Rising star game has launched "First Rehearsal Room" card at 10000 Starbits or 4 Swape.Hive at today time.


As per my experience this mission does not give much Starbits from its range. Usually remains below the half of end range. Anyhow after opening this mission, now i have three different missions of 5 minutes duration.

  1. Illegal Busking.
  2. Radio Interview.
  3. Band Rehearsal.




Now I can shuffle the missions and consume 45% energy in 15 minutes by running these three missions.
Journey of Success will be Continued.
Thanks for reading and support.

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