A community to let off steam and catharsis of everything that may be troubling you.

This community is created with the purpose of sharing wellness and helping others and ourselves to move forward, with words of encouragement and boosting their lives. It is a place to "vent" about all the situations you may be going through. Here you can tell us about the following:

* Personal motivation

* Wellness

* Thoughts.

* Personal struggles.

* Life stories.

* Survivors of illnesses

* Disability and special conditions.

* The tags we will be using to curate your content will be: #lifestyle, #wellness, #catarsis, #vidapersonal, #bienestar

* You can add any other related tags to your post.


- We know that God will always be an important part of our overcoming, so he will always be admitted in this community, however, religion and polemic will not be admitted.

- Hateful language is not allowed.

- Plagiarism and reposting are not allowed.

- Use your own images, if you use references place their respective sources.

- All languages will be allowed

- No content related to astrology or esotericism is allowed.

- It is not allowed to talk about politics, to avoid controversy.

- WE DON'T CURE POST INITIATIVES. If published, they will be muted.

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