2023, October

Pee Wee Herman the first day of October of 2023. Trump in Court Video Monday. Bank, Cartoon Super Man Failed to Stop 9/11 Plane Tuesday. Great Awakening by Alex Jones Wednesday. FBI said you're a domestic terrorist if you voted for Trump in the past Thursday. Google Stealing 25+ Million Votes in 2024 Friday. YouTube Suggestions is Manipulated to Control People Saturday.

Israel Gaza War Sunday the 8th. Palestine Israel was allowed by intelligence agencies Monday. Palpatine NWO Funded Israel/Palestine Tuesday. Israel/Palestine = Rinos/Leftists Wednesday. Sore Legs, Blair White on Timcast Thursday. Biden Ukraine $113 Billion Friday. Frasier is Back Saturday.

RIP Suzanne Somers Sunday the 15th. Hashtag Oatmeal TikTok Real Discord Joey Spiderman Meme Monday. Bird Food Tuesday. Owen Benjamin Adam Sandler Oatmeal Wednesday. Grass. Biden Wants War Thursday. Alex Jones Billion Bankruptcy Friday. My TikTok has 3K Followers Saturday.

Harvard Sucks Sunday the 22nd. Open Borders But Only in America Monday? Jenna Betrayed Trump Tuesday. Camp Mind-Raped Alex Jones' Daughter Wednesday. Ukraine Gone Thursday? Israel Trap, Frost Coming Friday. Jason Freddy Red Letter Media Hockey Saturday. Naked Alex Jones Sunday. El Salvador is booming said Max Keiser Monday. AI Disney Princess Witch Oatmeal Tuesday.

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Oatmeal Monthly - 2023-10 - October of 2023 | Published in October of 2023


Pee Wee Herman

2023-10-01 - Sunday

Pee Wee Herman

Castle Walls. That's a major job of government, regulate the flow of who's coming in and out. As opposed to regulating the flow of people within the walls, that's a critical distinction. How do we help people defend themselves better? People need guns, robots, walls, etc. Imagine living in a glass house in Times Square. That's the Internet in general. Not that there can't ever be some privacy. Kids must be taught about what Snowden exposed. You'd have to live in log cabin on a mountain totally off the grid with no electricity to be anonymous.

I disagree. I wouldn't rig an election to stop Hitler. People like Klaus Schwab are worse. Expose their crimes so people can make up their mind. Don't justify the For The Greater Good scam. Because anybody might be Hitler. You can label anyone Hitler. Transparency is key.

Invest 20% of everything into crypto. I'm talking long-term (not day-trading): Bitcoin, stocks, anything digital/etc. Regardless of your situation, I'll just say 20% to say you must have gardens, gold, land, etc. In other words, have backup plans, don't rely on crypto.

The irony. We told Trump to leave Twitter years ago to start his Truth Social. And now we're like nah come back. My opinion, Trump could post to as many platforms as possible, whether it's social media networks, video platforms, websites, etc. The more the better. Why not?

Trump in Court Video

2023-10-02 - Monday

Mermaid F7cBgJLWoAAH2vs.jpeg

Ariel Times 2 Meme

Don't value property based on taxes. As taxes may be 80% less than the real value. This in regards to Trump's Florida property. Real estate market is a roller coaster. Property value is like Bitcoin. Up and down, up and down. Judge had the balls to say Trump lied. Huh? Put real estate appraisers on the stand. Put banks on the stand. If banks loaned money to Trump. Banks don't just take Trump's word. Banks get third-party appraisers. Judge said Trump lied regarding Florida. Does that mean banks lied too?

Covid will kill you. Just take Covid vaccines. Vaccines only killed 17 million people. Heather McDonald approves. I grew up watching PBS. I was hit with their sponsors. Especially Johnson & Johnson. J&J is an arm of Big Pharma. Meaning connected to Covid vaccines. PBS is connected to murderers. NEW RULE: IF YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN. IF YOU'RE NOT PREPROGRAMMED TO AUTOMATICALLY REJECT LOGIC, TRUTH, EVIDENCE, CONTEXT, YOUR GUT/SPIRIT/SOUL/MIND/GOD, IF YOU'RE NOT ALREADY OPENLY BIAS TOWARDS TRUMP/ALEX JONES/RFK/ETC. IF YOU HAVEN'T TURNED OFF YOUR BRAIN. THEN YOU'RE AN IDIOT.

People lost $3.7 trillion. The money went to billionaires. Thanks to Covid lockdowns. Thanks to Covid vaccines. Good work humans for complying. When you put on masks. When you stay home. People starved to death. It killed the economy.Collateral damages. A lot of money. Ozark is just a TV show? Germany laundered billions to Bill Gates? Bill Gates funds World Economic Forum? WEF leader is Klaus Schwab? His father was a Nazi? Alex Jones told you so?

Bank, Cartoon Super Man Failed to Stop 9/11 Plane

2023-10-03 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-10-04 00-09-17.png

Cartoon Super Man Failed to Stop 9/11 Plane

Deep state will murder Biden & Trump. Alex Jones is saying this. How many times has Alex been right? Only one way to stop this. Begins with talking about it. You think it can't happen. Then it probably will. Talk about it or else. Jan6 is nothing compared to what's coming. Trump judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The Great Awakening By Alex Jones. This is his second book, comes out on the 24th, forwarded by Steve Bannon. Elon Musk buys Trump property. Wouldn't that be cool? Somebody should buy the Florida lot. Judge said it's worth $18 million. Buy it up for $18 billion. That would be poet justice. What does the judge then do? Trump needs the money. As they take him to court.

Grew up in a ghetto trailer. Would look forward to going to my aunt on the coast for a weekend usually around Independence Day each year in the 1990s. Yet her big house wasn't a lot better. But in my mind, it was a treasure.

Great Awakening by Alex Jones

2023-10-04 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-10-04 15-22-30 Alex Jones Great Awakening.png

Great Awakening by Alex Jones

Blueprints to the Star Wars Death Star in these 2 books by Alex Jones, especially Great Reset being the first of 2 books. Great Reset was book 1. Great Awakening is book 2 by Alex Jones. We have talking points for climate. But not for water. Said people at the World Economic Forum. We got to transition from gasoline bad. To water bad. And air bad. We got to not just ban normal cars. But also water and air. So we can really take over. Hashtag EmergencyAlertSystem. The Common Good. The Great Good. Water is a Common Good. Said the World Economic Forum. Collecting rain water bad. Solar power must be funneled to the city. Let us manage the water for you. We are from the government. We are here to help (Reagan). Nigerians rejected the digital money scam.

I'm looking for partners/supporters/contributors who are on the same page, I'm Pruning Oatmeal, I'm buried in projects, I'm transitioning as I tackle priorities as I'm turning 39 in four months, I'm in the middle of many things, I need help, see my articles/video for more info. Outside of the primary objective, my Discord server had other goals in mind to help people escape the matrix via Speaker Trump or Elon Musk. The Donald Trump is now more a symbol than anything else. Here is a preview of life on Mars in the 2040s in roughly twenty years from now.

Trinity choices. Perhaps God gave at the beginning of time to angels 3 choices, to remain as angels, to fall like demons, or to be born as humans but without the memory of Heaven as to pass the test of life.

FBI said you're a domestic terrorist if you voted for Trump in the past

2023-10-05 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-10-05 14-47-32 Robert Epstein.png

Robert Epstein on Alex Jones

Presidential Immunity is trending, dems want to grant immunity to Obama but not to Trump. FBI said you're a domestic terrorist if you support Trump, be it MAGA, be it Jan6 related, be it former Democrats even. The good news is the Walk Away Movement is growing by the day. Before Hillary Clinton said Americans are deplorable in 2016. Back in 1992, Trump said the economy is deplorable. Does that mean she stole the word from him?

The irony is the same people who took Trump to court also imprisoned innocent Americans. The FBI and Homeland said the House of MAGA are domestic terrorists. The FBI is illegal.

If government tries to ban inside trading, one problem might be that doesn't prevent them from doing it themselves. I may agree with Tim Pool in theory but perhaps not in practice/enforcement similar to how banning guns doesn't prevent death. Look at Rothschild. Stargate.

Google Stealing 25+ Million Votes in 2024

2023-10-06 - Friday

Google is Evil

We only need 1% of the 90 million Trump voters the FBI labeled as terrorists to not comply said Alex Jones. Globalists are attempting to initiate more false flags like Jan6 so they can imprison more innocent Americans because they want to scare you into silence, gonna shut up? Judge said Trump bad. But it was the bank who did it. Real estate appraisers did it. They appraised the Florida property. They said it's worth over $18 million. Huh? Why are they not taken to court? Judge said Trump bad for what they did. But they did it. Not Trump. Consequences of regret is greater than the consequences of excuse.

I'd go back in time to teach myself the value of small talk which I'm still against but it serves as a probe for you and for others as it serves multiple purposes, the irony is small talk is simple but also sophisticated potentially. It's shallow but also deep within context. $300,000+ dollars a month. On paying field agents to spy on Google who is trying to steal over 25 million votes in 2024. Go see Dr. Robert Epstein for more info. 12,000 agents in 50 states. Google is stealing the election against Trump. I told you 2020 would be stolen. Told ya.

You must be deprogrammed. Said Satan Hillary Clinton. FBI declared anybody who voted Trump in the past as domestic terrorists, Homeland and the CIA agrees. You have to agree with them or they can put you in prison for anything even as you are innocent. FBI said vote blue. You have to vote Democrat in 2024. Homeland declared anybody who votes for Republicans on the right (including third-party options) as domestic terrorists. Meaning there is only one party in the United States of America right now. No more real elections.

Google can steal 25 million votes. Robert Epstein is exposing how Google influences voters which includes children even. Google is stole my 10K+ videos and they're up to no good. Google spies? 12,000 spies are monitoring and recording what Google sends them on behalf of Robert Epstein, this includes children devices. We are collecting the data to show you how Google is stealing over 25 million votes for the 2024 Election. Like the Hunter Biden laptop. Google in influencing the world. As in elections and governments in many countries by sending them manipulated and weaponized results and what not to influence and alter what people think and do. Google has the power to decide who gets elected. That's illegal.

YouTube Suggestions is Manipulated to Control People

2023-10-07 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-10-07 20-37-06 Disney.png

Disney Sucks

Google gives you negative suggestions for whatever they don't like and positive suggestions towards whichever direction they want you to take while suppressing any counter opinions as to brain wash you through this weaponization of information which influences elections. Coolest Massad Palestine Rap Ever. This little champ M. C. Abdul. He's 14 year old rapper from Palestine. My Palestine Israel explosive Discord server has 200 members and over 189 of them are like trolls who scare away new people by spreading lies about me, fake news. You can join the trolls or choose to defend me. Most of the server is against me. Isreal. Death to America Satan.

70% of the videos watched on YouTube were suggested by YouTube in a sneaky and non-organic fashion, they took the you out of the tube and flushed it down the toilet. Google, who owns YouTube, is evil. They also stole my over 10,000+ oatmeal videos which they owe me. Criminals.

Police can put you in prison (thanks Obama) in America without any reason or trial simply by labeling you as a domestic terrorist. Which the FBI has said you are if you voted Trump or if you're not loyal to leftist democratic talking points. Jimmy Dore and Tim Pool on PBD.

Israel Gaza War

2023-10-08 - Sunday

Hillary Clinton F79GwN3WMAARdXP.jpeg

Hillary Clinton Israel Palestine Zionism

Who are the top ten most evil big tech companies? Here is my current list of potential candidates: TikTok, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Uber, Alphabet's Google/YouTube/Chrome/Android, Meta's Facebook/Instagram, Palantir. Can we remove Twitter off this list?

Opinions are now harassment. Instagram redefines opinions to be hateful. Instagram is thus damaging people. More damage than alleged hate speech. Speech is not bullying. Bullying is beyond mere words. Bullying can't happen online in the same sense. Text alone might be spam.

They say they fixed Y2K before it happened. So perhaps there would have been some problems. But the problem was probably overhyped. Alex Stein gave a good comparison with Y2K and Covid.

Palestine Israel was allowed by intelligence agencies

2023-10-09 - Monday

Palestine F7-DpEGakAErK0g.jpeg

Who's going to tell them?

It was not a surprise attack any more than Pearl Harbor was which government let the Japanese attack because they love war. This Israel-Hamas thing will turn into terrorist attacks in America and Europe, it will be used to start a new 9/11 war against Americans (Patriot Act 2).

Suicide bombers paid. Up to $100,000 sent to the families of each bomber on average, some of them got paid more. The money came from the $6 billion sent from Obama. I mean Biden wink wink. Tens of thousands of suicide bombers are in the United States, a new 9/11 is coming. Same kind of people you find in the Middle East are in America, the deep state wants to scare the American people into domestic war. But a war against patriots instead.

If sleeper cells in America do attack. Alex Jones warns. We all know military intelligence (from different countries) are behind it, meaning the CIA, MI6, UN, Mossad, etc. They're to blame. Not Israel or Muslims. NEW 9/11 ALEX JONES IS PREDICTING. He predicted the first one in 2001. He says people will hijack thousands of planes and crash them into government buildings all over the United States. The war hawks want us to cry to them for help, they want us scared.

My Discord server was nuked like Gaza. If you can help me find cool bots/etc, I'd consider making you admin. No promises. But ask us about how to become admin. I want to make everybody admin. But you have to earn it or put out content. Ask us for more info.

Israel was created in 1948 by Sabbateans? Which was a cult created (in 1666) by a self-proclaimed Messiah who was Kabbalist/from Ottoman, converted to Islam. Zionism? David Icke reporting. Madonna loves Kabalah?

Palpatine NWO Funded Israel/Palestine

2023-10-10 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-10-10 18-39-15 Roseanne.png

Roseanne on PBD

I'm against terrorists/collateral damage which affects Jews/Muslims/Christians/Arabs/foreigners. Why is this Star Wars NWO Palpatine Emperor funding both sides of the war, Palestine/Separatists and Israel/Republic? Both sides should fight Palpatine.

Terrorists are attacking Palestinians, they're being funded by crypto, we better ban it. Terrorists posting fake news about how Israel is murdering Palestinian babies which unlike abortion is very bad, we got to let government take over Twitter X again. Government hired people to bomb 3 buildings in NYC for 9/11, an inside job, said Joel Skousen. America went to war with Vietnam over a false flag with the Gulf of Tonkin which is similar to Jan6 which was also weaponized. Ya like scams? Like with what Trump said about Ukraine/Russia, he said he was pro people not dying, I'd say the same thing regarding the Middle East. I'm pro humans with Israeli or Arab blood (DNA), I'm against war between Abrahamic religions (Jewish/Islam). False flag.

Pentagon said America has enough weapons for Israel and Ukraine, never mind their inside trading stock shares, you dirty Americans have to turn in your guns cuz climate change. America funded both sides to the war in Israel. Star Wars Palpatine did that. They'd probably get me hooked on Ritalin had I not done homeschool. Eventually attended public high school in Oregon. But growing up, perhaps I had ADHD, autism, dyslexia, as a curious introverted absent-minded scientist-like scatter-brain comedian-like investigator/builder.

We go from one news story to the next. Like guinea pigs on wheels. And like that, the current thing is gone. The very next day we move on. And like goldfish forget yesterday. Not only did Hollywood Disney murder Star Wars but also Roseanne. Millions of Barr's audience left ABC. She funded lawsuits against the system. Instead of firing pedophiles, Disney fired Roseanne over Iran which got $6 billion from Biden for Israel/Palestine/Syria/Hamas war.

Two main perspectives. Many people are either Pro-Israel (Zionism) or Pro-Palestine. But both are wrong. They're both propaganda scams which comes from intelligence agencies who weaponizes both sides to profit in the military-industrial complex.

I wonder if there is a connection between the solar ring of fire eclipse historically with the creation and evolution and etymology and formation of the letter O which looks oddly similar or who invented it and what's the story behind this and did he or she also invent the wheel?

Israel/Palestine = Rinos/Leftists

2023-10-11 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-10-11 14-51-09 FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin.png

FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin on Discord.

Israel/Palestine = Rinos/Leftists. Both sides are fake/weaponized. We should be against war. Zionism is bad. Biden gave $6 billion to Iran which went to the conflict. America also funded Ukraine (Nazis). Americans shouldn't call for the death of Jews, Palestinians, Muslims, Arabs. 2 issues. First, how did we get here? Second, how do we seek peace in Israel/Syria/Middle East. Biden gave Iran $6 billion dollars which went to this, impeach him over war crimes. FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin said they were running out of international terrorists. They changed the scope to target Americans who may identify with foreign ideologies. Out of 9/11 came the Patriot Act which was a bait and switch tactic, a Trojan horse.

Albert Pike predict three world wars to conquer earth back in 1871 or why did the British Museum Library in London deny the letter even existed?War 1: Turn Czars Russia into atheistic communism. War 2: Zionism to defeat Nazism. War 3: Zionism/Islam to destroy each other. The alleged 1871 letter predicting three world wars wanted 2 things. First: Zionism to battle Islam which would lead to global conflict. Second to have leftism (atheism) go crazy resulting in people begging for the religion of Satanism to rule the planet. Divide & conquer. The alleged 1871 letter predicting three world wars not only wanted Judaism/Islam to destroy each other. But also wanted to have Christianity/Atheism destroy each other in order to trick humanity into accepting Satanism as the only alternative to religion/anything. Big scam.

All my Discord spies are not going to tell me they're reading my tweets on my Elon Musk's Twitter X or my super secret daily blog, I'm not going to tell my Discord trolls about the new bots I added to the server which auto-promotes; there are ways to become admin and much more. Two camps in America, one camp is calling for the genocide of Jews like Nazis/Muslims did while others are calling for the death of Muslims/Arabs/Palestinians like Catholics did during the Crusades. I'm in neither camps. Go after people who funded both camps.

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum is your daddy, the EU has Internet laws to keep you safe against disinformation regarding Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Palestine. That's why they ordered Elon Musk of Twitter X to remove content as to protect Europe. You have free speech and we'll lock you up for it for your own good, for the greater good, to protect you from mis/dis information or else you're racist/trolls/bots. Please don't wrong-think or else Hillary Clinton will take you to deprogramming camps.

Sore Legs, Blair White on Timcast

2023-10-12 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-10-12 21-53-03 Blair White.png

Blair White on Timcast

New 9/11 is what they want for Patriot Act 2.0. Watch out. Millions of Jihadi all over America and Europe are ready for millions of smaller 9/11 terrorist attacks any time now, governments to use that as an excuse to take more freedoms from their own citizens said Alex Jones who is always right, let's stop it.

Big companies work with countries to target and arrest anybody they want to. They also brain wash people through a variety of methods. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and others are engaged in many crimes including election meddling partly through purposely giving people bias information as to persuade them to vote blue. Climate change is a scam. The evil things these companies do are documented all over. I sometimes reference some of it in my daily blog these past five years or longer. It takes many hours to shift through the information. I've talked a lot about many things for many years. If you really want to know, you could begin with one company and simply investigate what they do. Eventually, you'll find out what IBM (Watson) did to help Hitler. That is just one example of many.

Today is a good day to go hiking. They want a new 9/11 so they can blame it on the guns, Patriot Act 2.0. In reality, we need the Nuremberg Trials 2.0.

Biden Ukraine $113 Billion

2023-10-13 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-10-13 19-34-45 D'Souza Timcast.png

D'Souza on Timcast

Biden stole over $113 BILLION DOLLARS from the American tax payers over Russia/Ukraine where Chinese trafficking and Nazis resides. They want to do the same in Israel even after giving Iran $6 billion which went to Hamas meaning Biden funds both sides. Great Britain allegedly kept the peace in Israel/Palestine for roughly three decades starting in 1917 (Balfour Declaration) during World War I. Israel was a territory of England similar to Canada/Australia/USA. League of Nations (pre-UN) were involved.

Day of rage. Keep your eyes open like Jan6 and 9/11. Bad things happen all the time. But not every news item goes viral. They love their false flags as excuses to be tyrants. Happy Friday the 13th. What kind of future will we have? Dinesh D'Souza was debating this with Tim Pool on Timcast, they mentioned how we live in a hybrid future of books by authors like Huxley (Brave New World), Orwell (1984), Bradberry (Fahrenheit 451).

Let's continuing fighting each other as an angrier world as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum puts it, they want us divided so they can conquer us. We shouldn't be fighting Muslims/Jews/Russia. Reuters/Jada/Trump?

Frasier is Back

2023-10-14 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-10-14 19-29-39 FNT.png

Friday Night Tights

You'll become an admin automatically if you join my Discord server right now. Frasier sequel. For a limited time offer only, if you join my Discord server right now, you'll automatically become an admin no questions asked for free, do it while you still can.

My Discord server has overlords who have the power to promote/demote. When you join, you'll automatically become an admin and infractions may trigger bots to strip you of your roles, don't tell anybody the poll can also make you an admin by clicking thumbs up.

RIP Suzanne Somers

2023-10-15 - Sunday

Trump, Stone, Loomer

RIP Suzanne Somers of Three's Company who was Pre-Baywatch Pamela Anderson. Become Admin Automatically If You Join MY Discord Server Right Now For Limited Time Only. Viva Frei had to be reeducated by @TeamYouTube who told me my entire channel violated their guidelines without specifying which videos or which rules before terminating my channels and over ten thousand plus videos which includes videos of children. The @Google villains at YouTube require you to hide the billions of dollars spent for decades covering up the vaccine-related deaths, ask @delbigtree for more information on all of that.

There are too many to block and it's counterproductive. It takes more time to block than it is to ignore and move on. You can read everything. Blocking is like cutting grass with scissors. It's silly for people to do. Too many people are insane.

Ten main general categories for where to get water from include rain, wells, ocean, seas, gulfs, lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, underground, and storage. Are there how-to manuals for collecting, cleaning, filtering, distilling, and boiling drinking water?

If YouTube catches you telling people you became infertile after a chemical abortion, Google will punish you for misinformation even as it is not just factual but historical as you can no longer make babies. YouTube wants to help murder babies via abortions.

Hashtag Oatmeal TikTok Real Discord Joey Spiderman Meme

2023-10-16 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-10-16 19-30-48 Discord 3 Oatmeal.png

Which Joey is the Real Joey

Embrace who you are deep inside and brand it. Remember hashtag oatmeal. Also hashtag OJA. Also, hashtag oatmealjoey. Have fun even in the mist of the storm. You may not always feel good but you can be good.

Bird Food

2023-10-17 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-10-17 19-15-44 Alex Jones.png

Alex Jones

My 300+ Discord server members are so dumb, they believe me when I say 99% of the accounts are not sock puppet alt account trolls meaning only a few accounts are real people, I spend all day manipulating them as I'm starving for attention, it's funny they have no idea who's real.

Islamic Jihad should not be used as an excuse for military to invade Israel/Palestine because that gives this Netanyahu more power, Benjamin forced killer Covid vaccines on people, keep American taxes out of supporting the fog of war as the U.S. borders are being flooded/Trojan.

Owen Benjamin Adam Sandler Oatmeal

2023-10-18 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-10-18 12-55-00 Owen Benjamin.png

Owen Benjamin on Alex Jones

People say I'm like Adam Sandler who was instrumental to the stand-up career of Owen Benjamin who said Alex Jones is a comedy god. I support Israelites and not Israelis/Jews. U.S. military should not be in the Middle East while American borders are flooded with illegals.

I'm contemplating how much time I want to spend putting out articles/videos debunking fake news/lies about me, I'm trying to prioritize/balance between projects, my desire is to at least meet a minimum set of my own demands/goals/outline/foundation in my life before moving on.

Biden Wants War

2023-10-19 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-10-19 17-43-51 Biden.png

Biden wants war

Biden wants to steal over $100 billion more of your tax-paying dollars to go to Israel/Palestine, Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan, and perhaps some of it to continue building the Mexico-border Trump wall which is being flooded with Hamas-like terrorists ready to initiate 9/11 part 2.

Roy Merrick's Oatmeal ads is like this. If you were not Nike but an unknown company, would you put out a Super Bowl commercial on TV saying, "Buy our shoes right now," but what if there were no shoes, imagine people finding out there are no shoes, then what's the point of putting all that money in for shoes that don't exist and may never ever exist? In this analogy, you're not the one making the shoes. Instead, you're putting out ads about shoes which don't exist. What, you calling me a church now? The power of Oatmeal compels you. Why and how in the world would you make a special edition version of a Star Wars trilogy that does not even exist, how is that even possible to do in the first place, what is the point of doing so?

Biden said God bless our troops as they try to send military to war. Instead of protecting the borders, we send billions to destroy other countries as war is a profitable business and it causes refugees to flood the borders with terrorists.

Alex Jones Billion Bankruptcy

2023-10-20 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-10-20 23-07-00.png

Skibidi Toilet 66

Beg me to debunk fake news people spread about me, tell me which lies to tackle, too much to unpack all at once going back decades, soundbites, screenshots, clickbait, deceptive titles, memes, articles, headlines, videos, content, etc, taken out of context, and more. Most of my 300 Discord server members are trolls spreading fake news about me which they're welcome to do, roast me baby, but I was hoping for farmers to join the group to balance out the insanity, I should probably spend less time there until things change bigly. Alex Jones still must pay $1 billion even as he didn't invent comments on Sandy Hook but was brainstorming theories others brought up, no malice involved. Free speech. Alex didn't exactly say/do what the fake news claims as truth is it's a long story of events.

I don't have any nudes, my spicy SnapChat content was photoshopped in 2022 by my trolls who want me to burn, Oatmeal Fake News goes back to at least 2010 or longer and the truth is out there.

In the future, AI will be used to restore/colorize/enhance movies/home videos, to react childhood memories. We'll time-travel to the past and to the future in VR. What is critical is competing AI systems to ensure one AI isn't going to enslave us like the Terminator Arnold did.

Fox News is trying to get Timcast kicked off YouTube for fact-checking GOP RINO Republican 2024 U.S. Presidential Candidates, this case should go to the Supreme Court, Fox is Fake News, Fox is criminal. Fox News had some videos removed from some YouTube content creators including Tim Pool's Timcast and David Pakman meaning it would be one thing if Fox had all the videos removed but this is selective which is something publishers do if they own you.

My TikTok has 3K Followers

2023-10-21 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-10-21 21-12-39 My Joeyarnoldvn TikTok with Ready Player One Video BANNED.png

My TikTok has 3K Followers

Alex Jones said Israel/Palestine/USA is walking into an Iran/China trap. Also, Russia might side with China. America is wrong to get involved in World War III.

Tim Pool was a high school drop-out. During/after Occupy Wall Street 2011, Tim/friends hacked drones in the name of journalism. Universities had Tim give guest lectures to PhD students who were older than him drowning in thousands of dollars of debt. School aint for everyone.

Harvard Sucks

2023-10-22 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-10-23 01-20-31 Alex Jones Bill Maher.png

Harvard Sucks

A new Kanye West symbol is born, a hallow over a Hitler mustache said Alex Jones. Bible said the Anti-Christ would come from the East of Palestine/Israel, wink wink Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Jews/Muslims are both waiting for their Messiah who will rule for 7 years (tribulation) as they both reject Jesus. Real or not, merging religions = global destruction. He said 666 translates in Aramaic as X-L-F-s. Name of the beast which he said translates as Allah. The Anti-Christ is to be using this number meaning he will Muslim and Jews will fall for him too. Lucifer's name is Halal or Halel which appears on food. Who needs the American flag when the fake news can raise up oBiden instead?

Meth addict Biden with Devil horns coming out of his chin or a Playstation controller said Alex Jones. RFK has a Hitler mustache said Alex Jones. Sun can bend reality a bit. Black hole, even more. Fake news is a Toy Story, to infinity and beyond. We can't do Elon Musk electric Tesla smart cars said International Energy Agency (IEA) unless if we replace the entire global power grid (49.7 million miles) by 2040. Also, China is in control of so much rare earth minerals which are required for building batteries, etc.

Over half of those getting Covid Vaccines are likely to be dead before 2033 as in within ten years according to studies showing how the jab damages the heart among other things which makes this more deadly than cancer and the flu. We are already in World War III said Alex Jones, but can we prevent it from going extremely hot with nuclear bombs murdering billions of people?

If my Discord Server gets one thousand members before 2024, I'll consider making a deal. Outside of this new goal, time spent there will likely decrease depending on variables, demands, priorities, elements, need, interest, potential, desire, curiosity, and value therein. Ditto.

Open Borders But Only in America?

2023-10-23 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-10-23 18-05-51 Timcast.png

Open Borders But Only in America?

Did Israel create Hamas? But Iran greenlit Hamas attack in Palestine? WWIII is already a hot war. But it's not explosive. It's also an information war as well. I don't want anything to do with the puppet masters who pit us against each other like a chicken cock fight.

Black Rock is forcing stores to force customers to use apps to buy and sell so they can slowly boil us frogs in the water, they are trying to slowly walk us off a cliff by introducing the general public to small changes which leads to elevated centralization. Alex Jones agrees with Bill Maher, globalists send their kids to elite universities and colleges like Harvard which is where many of the villains emerge from.

Muslims believe they must make everybody follow Islam, they will sometimes lie so they can infiltrate until there are enough Muslims in a given country going back centuries, this is what many Muslims do, this is what they are taught to do. They will lie and say otherwise.

They tell children in America, at schools, camps, on television, on the Internet, in movies, in cartoons, and all over, that white people are bad. Even the youngest daughter of Alex Jones was hit with it, she is around five and even she was hit with the propaganda.

When I was a kid, they said if you press this button, then the bus will flip over. WWIII is something I don't want to be part of. Go after the puppet masters who fund both sides to wars for centuries now. They're the ones behind the curtains who do this to dominate.

Jenna Betrayed Trump

2023-10-24 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-10-24 18-09-41 Trump.png

Jenna Betrayed Trump

If you get me 1,000 Discord server members before 2024, I might come back, we could negotiate depending on the demand of fans/partners, whoever invites the most may be rewarded. Outside of that, people can host movie night in voice channels any time they want, they can have trivia night, etc. You can't charge Trump with crimes until he is impeached said Tim Pool on Timcast because the President is protected within the the third branch of government being the executive. Otherwise, states could have went after Abraham Lincoln before the Civil War.

Black Barbie says we got to stop hating Muslims who chant death to America. Muslims have been murdering people for centuries. They believe you have to follow Allah or you must die. They believe in lying meaning they will say I'm lying. But I'm not. If they can imprison Owen Shroyer, then they can incarcerate anybody without a trial. How many millions of military-age men snuck into the United States, what happened in Israel/Palestine is nothing compared to coming terrorist attacks all over America designed to trick patriots into going to war with Iran, it's a Star Wars Palpatine NWO WEF UN trap.

The Exorcist: Believer, moral of the story is don't make deals with the Devil or with the man in the Saw movies. The father who did lost his daughter in doing so. If they can put Owen Shroyer of Alex Jones behind bars for his free speech (not for trespassing), then they will get you next. Actually, they already put many innocent people locked up for nothing. First, they Sandyhook Alex Jones by saying he said the school shooting was crisis actors which is fake news. Second, during Covid Lockdowns when parks in Texas were closed, they said Alex Jones hired crisis actors to party with him. They're allowed to lie?

The world will boil over said Obama years ago, that is if everybody had cars and air-conditioning. AOC/Greta agrees, how dare you question the science. You'll eat the bugs and we'll let you eat a bite of meat once a year if you're sissy soy enough. Rothschild, I spied on all humans using their phones. They all want to buy green grapes. If you were able to sell them. You could make trillions of dollars. Don't worry, I didn't tell anybody else. Inside-trading on drugs. Yours truly, Google.

Camp Mind-Raped Alex Jones' Daughter

2023-10-25 - Wednesday

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AI Rey Hotter Than Disney Star Wars Rey

They raped the 6 year old daughter of Alex Jones. They rape many people. Will you just let them? They put VR headsets on children and turn getting vaccinated into a video game adventure. Blue Cross pays doctors a lot of money for getting a certain percentage of their patients to take the killer Covid Vaccines.

If Disney Star Wars Sequels were awesome, Film Threat Chris Gore and Alan Ng review this video with a narrator walking through AI images which tells an amazing story which Hollywood refuses to give us. AI Sith Rey is hotter than what Disney Star Wars gave us, I'm engulfed in this sequel trilogy uploaded by PRISM on YouTube.

I will never ever leave this Discord Server because I already left as my imaginary Discord Demands were never met, now I demand 1,000 members before 2024 or else.

Ukraine Gone?

2023-10-26 - Thursday

Grace on Timcast

What happened to Ukraine? As we talk about Israel/Palestine. Are we goldfish? Mechanical AI must be compartmentalize. For example, a smart taxi must have at least 3 computer boxes (AI-trinity-triangle) with shut-off valves/switches where decisions are funneled in order to minimize destructive choices made by AI via AI-accountability via other AI-systems. This female judge must be on drugs said Alex Jones, I mean prescription medicine as many in America are addicted to the Big Pharma scam.

I will no longer be pinging everybody ever again for the next ten years through my main accounts or my secret sock puppet alt accounts which I don't have (trust me) because I will instead be pinging everybody once an hour or once a day (believe me).

Roy Merrick made this GIF to say foundation to my life projects are too wide/not focused enough. Partly true but he refused to send me hard drives. His content/videos/memes mocks me. He refused to sell Oatmeal shirts. We're not on the same page. He runs my Discord Server with trolls/etc.

Israel Trap, Frost Coming

2023-10-27 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-10-27 11-53-46 Israel.png

Israel Drama

What was the difference between the 2000s and the 2010s? We recognize changes from the 1980s to the 1990s. It seems to be tougher to distinguish the last two decades as we dive deeper into the modern Internet age which merges/freezes culture unlike previous eras in time possibly. People were able to fall asleep well without so many drugs/prescription medicine thanks to Down & Out sold by Alex Jones on his Infowars Store website.

Accountability will come after the Israel/Palestine war said Benjamin Netanyahu. Imagine if George Bush said that regarding 9/11 which was followed by two decades of fighting in the Middle East. Smart cars: $20+ USD per gallon of gasoline equivalency (eventually in coming months/years as inflation skyrockets, followed by no more electric vehicles if batteries lacking rare earth minerals) compared to $1/gallon potential (20x difference).

Government murders cows in Ireland. They are trying to do this in all the countries around the world to weaken humans to better control them. Extinction of life begins one animal family at a time. Peace sign is v for war victory after death, genocide, murder, violence, fighting, conflict, that is the origin of the peace sign said Tim Pool on Timcast.

Jason Freddy Red Letter Media Hockey

2023-10-28 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-10-28 04-22-02.png

The Upload Show

If you want to take over my Discord Server, there are articles explaining what you can do to gain power, others might promote you, it's tougher if you're anonymous, Google/research me for details, share my/your content or else. I'm looking for partners/supporters/contributors. If my Discord Server gets 1K members before 2024, then we can negotiate my return. Outside of that, there are exceptions, inquiring minds may crack the code, solve the puzzle, there are other ways to get me back, there are ways to get promoted into mods/admins/gods to take over.

Hockey was banned in 2024 in the Friday The 13th universe in Jason X where not TMNT Casey Jones goes to space. Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies and Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees both have similar surnames.

FNT Halloween Special was fun.

Naked Alex Jones

2023-10-29 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-10-30 00-00-28 Simpcast.png

LeeAnn Star on Simpcast as a Car Fox

Alex Jones shaved his beard for the first time in like five years, since like 2018, if we go to war as Black Rock wants, we will lose all our hair too, we'll look more pumpkin than this banned forbidden gay frog, we'll go bald and lose our teeth. Alex Jones is what you will look like if we go to World War III, and the powers that be want us to go to global battle. We are falling for their trap.

Alex Jones has a naked face. Why is Kathleen Kennedy trending? Is it because of South Park? They should put Alex on their show. Hell no, don't set yourself on fire like Buddhist monks did for the Vietnam War. Women should shave their hair in protest of World War III. Tell your barber you want the Alex Jones Haircut. Make me look like a gay frog.

Karate Kid had a cartoon in 1989. Xray girl could cosplay as alternate reality Kenny from South Park, all you need is a jacket and a dab of purple. That Panderverse episode special was brilliant as it discussed why Disney/Hollywood sucks and it discussed why college sucks/who's actually taking our jobs.

El Salvador is booming said Max Keiser

2023-10-30 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-10-30 15-10-27 Max Keiser.png

El Salvador is booming said Max Keiser

Friends Matthew Perry was MURDERED by the Covid Vaccines, boosters, via a heart attack. I told you many times for years that millions of people are dying from vaccines. Will you die next? Maybe. Or what will you do about it? After Australia banned guns many years ago, now there are even more guns which means you can't say Australia is doing better without guns. There were less guns before Australia banned guns. Mary Morgan was on Simpcast. Oh, giving birth to somebody's child is almost like a paradox of sorts. Emotionally it has potential to eat you up inside for the rest of your life and beyond. Max Keiser said El Salvador will continue to excel this century as electricity prices decreases, tourism up 100%. Alex Jones. I was born in America. I taught English in Vietnam. But I may consider El Salvador. My brother is in Honduras.

I tell new people who have never seen before to go to my current blog. Instead of looking at introduction videos/articles, they Google for things I posted around 2014 as in ten years ago (which was badly written/satire/deception/etc) while ignoring what I write every day today. Oatmeal fake news is partly my fault intentionally/accidentally over the years at times to stir up drama between fans/haters; but that may have backfired if there aren't enough partners willing to have my back in pushing back against the lies/deception being spread about L4OJ me.

For those who pay attention, I want you to know/help I'm contemplating how to go about putting out introduction videos/articles/etc to help debunk Oatmeal fake news in presenting my side of the story, general outline with links for more info for new/old people to have for record. How many states will not have Trump on the ballot in 2024 or will they murder Donald?

My Discord Server is full of haters/trolls, over 400 members who say I'm Daniel Larson @ mrpresidentdaniellarson on TIkTok or Chris Chan. Roy doesn't want to invite contributors to join the OatmealVerse/in actually building up a Bumbaloe fan base/in expanding non-lol-cow reach.

AI Disney Princess Witch Oatmeal

2023-10-31 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-10-31 21-54-08.png

She wants you to have sex with AI

Happy Halloween everybody, I decided to dress up as a real monster, so I dressed up as Disney Witch, I mean Princess, Kathleen Kennedy. This is why we all love open-borders as personified in this cartoon comic on Alex Jones. Thank God Biden stole the election from Trump, otherwise we would be in war with Russia/Ukraine. I mean Israel/Palestine. Oh, I mean Iran. They say don't poke the bear. It's not like Iran is a bear or a hive of bees/wasps, Alex Jones is always trending. America has a secret base in Israel, site 152?

It's just the Devil guys, he came out of hiding, no big deal, but you're guilty if you say anything as Satan was here the whole time and you did nothing, don't be crazy like Alex Jones. When The Great Reset by Alex Jones came out in 2022, it sold more copies than all the other books that week and yet you didn't see that in the news because they don't want you to know about The Great Awakening which is also ironically the title to his second book now available.

Get me an extra 1K members before 2024 if you want me back in my Discord Server. American rockets are falling onto children in Palestine/Israel as the United States gives foreign nations grants, funds, for arms. Michael Rectenwald said on Timcast Iran would be less aggressive if the U.S. wasn't giving billions to countries like Israel. War is a scam.

"Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Mitchell Pickett Henderson "Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn" 1985 Oregon Meaomnia L4OJ Ojawall WOLBI Vietnam Salvationarmy USA America Trump Infowars Alexjones Arnoldattic Ironicmystic.jpg"

Pee Wee Herman Sunday

Trump in Court Video

Bank, Cartoon Super Man Failed to Stop 9/11 Plane

Great Awakening by Alex Jones

FBI said you're a domestic terrorist if you voted for Trump in the past

Google Stealing 25+ Million Votes in 2024

YouTube Suggestions is Manipulated to Control People

Israel Gaza War Sunday

Palestine Israel was allowed by intelligence agencies

Palpatine NWO Funded Israel/Palestine

Israel/Palestine = Rinos/Leftists

Sore Legs, Blair White on Timcast

Biden Ukraine $113 Billion

Frasier is Back

RIP Suzanne Somers

Hashtag Oatmeal TikTok Real Discord Joey Spiderman Meme

Bird Food Tuesday

Owen Benjamin Adam Sandler Oatmeal

Biden Wants War

Alex Jones Billion Bankruptcy

My TikTok has 3K Followers

Harvard Sucks

Open Borders But Only in America?

Jenna Betrayed Trump

Camp Mind-Raped Alex Jones' Daughter

Ukraine Gone?

Israel Trap, Frost Coming

Jason Freddy Red Letter Media Hockey

Naked Alex Jones

El Salvador is booming said Max Keiser

AI Disney Princess Witch Oatmeal






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