Cyber Pirates Versus Werewolf Ninjas

Here is my entry to a big surprising contest you would not believe.

Once upon a time, lived a valley of werewolf ninjas.

They've been living out in the jungles lacking oatmeal for many generations. They're well beyond George of the Jungle. They feel quite at peace with where things are at least at times. Gina was once compared to Pocahontas. Gina is a mystic ninja and she was a bit flatter and a bit confused at the same time, "Who the hell is Pocahontas?" Please scroll down to continue reading this story.

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Cyber Pirates versus Werewolf Ninjas

Published on 2020-09-21
Published in September of 2020

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Logic Zombie Contest

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Gina has been feeling quite bitter as of late regarding a conflict between them, the werewolf ninjas, and the Cyber Pirates.

Forget Pocahontas, who the hell are the Cyber Pirates and why are they eating the babies? Well, Rome wasn't built in a day and it is not like babies grow on trees. You could say it wasn't always like this. It was rather subtle, long story short, some of this can be traced back to a long long time ago to a galaxy far far away and I do in fact have a bad feeling about the origin of the alleged pirates who came in on their fancy ships with shiny gold and other weird artifacts. They came in during a famine in the land. The people of the ninjas were feeling a bit down and out.

Well, some argue that the pirates mean well, but one can wonder what happened, are they being led around by Torge Goros, a wealthy fat Buddha like banker. Strange as he wasn't exactly a pirate. But he was always acting like a pirate since he was a teen, it was almost as if he disowned his own parents.

Truth be told, the leadership within the boards of Wild Monkeys, the leading organization within the nation of the Werewolf Ninjas, are aliens of the lands. The origins of the Wild Monkeys are wrapped inside mystery. It is almost like you can't put your finger on it. Strangely, they've been seen eating waffles every Tuesday with Torge Goros. That has always been almost as strange as seeing Big Foot while trimming your banana tree.

One day, out of nowhere, Balex Bones, a Logic Zombie, arose from the east from the desert eating honey and locust. Balex resembled that of the ancient ninjas of long ago. He came in and started knocking over tables. He was yelling at the pirates and the ninjas. Sonya Mack even faltered, "George Bush don't care about black people." Wait, what, who is George Bush? Well, the monkey people don't know. But you can tell that the ninjas and the pirates were both being financially funded by Goros. Their vision was deeply clouded.

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