2011, March

Battlestar Galactica was introduced to me and it blew my mind away thanks to Matt Kurtz who would introduce me to shows, movies, video games, etc. Since 2007, Matt (& his brother Mike) would teach me a lot about things, about life. I probably started binge-watching through the rebooted Battlestar Galactica series from the 2000's early in 2011 and it only took me like a few weeks to watch through it.

Great Series

Matt also introduced me to Firefly, Dollhouse, Bones, Castle, Dexter, Buffy, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Metal Gear, Assassin Creed, Risk, Settlers, etc, etc, over the years.

Jesus Can & Can't Sin

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March of 2011

Created - 2020-03-11 - Wednesday - 02:08 AM - 2011 - Year in Review 2 3
2011-03 - March of 2011 - Month in Review

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2011-03-05 - Saturday - 04:39 AM - TOL - GOD NO SIN Screenshot at 2020-03-27 18:24:07.png
2011-03-05 - Saturday - 04:39 AM - TOL - GOD NO SIN

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Attic Trailer

2011-03 - March of 2011 - Month in Review

Battlestar Galactica

I was watching Battlestar Galactica in and around March and April of 2011, apx


2011-03-04 - Friday - 02:03 PM - Theology Online (TOL) - I replied to graceandpeace

What would happen if Jesus was just a man of clay?

Jesus Can't Sin

2011-03-04 - Friday - 02:19 PM - I wrote

True. Jesus can't sin because He won't. He chooses not to sin. But the ability to sin is not exactly sin, itself. Jesus really can sin, hypothetically speaking. But Jesus will never and has never sinned.

Because if there's no ability to sin then there is therefore no ability to not sin. Slavery is not good. If you can't sin then you are forced to not sin. And that in and of itself is not so good. Jesus is God. As the trinity, they could have sinned. Doing so would destroy the universe, if you've ever seen the film Dogma.

But the trinity chose, before the dawn of time, in eternity past, outside of time, that they (being God) were never going to sin, ever, period. That may mean that they had the ability to sin, that freedom to choose, and yet chose the better way, because God is not sin. Because God is not sin, God chose not to ever sin. God had the freedom not sin but was never going to choose it, ever. You may say that God no longer can sin because God chooses not to sin.

You may also say that God never ever could have sinned because God chose to not sinned from eternity past, which is beyond time and theory and measure and comprehension. In other words, if we made a time-line, we couldn't pin-point when God chose to not be sin and to not sin (and to also die for us to save us by being sins for us). So in other words, God's decision not to sin, from our perspective, is almost invisible. To us, it is as if God ever had the ability to sin. We may just choose to say that God never ever had the ability to sin. But it is on;y because God gave up that ability before eternity-past, so to speak. An eternity-past ago is too far back for us to even think about. But God did it.

You can say that God can't sin because God can't sin right now. And because God is not sin, the choice to even choose sin, back in before eternity-past, was not even an option that God would even consider. But God still had the option to consider it.

God just turned down the offer of sin, because God is love.

God is Not Sin

2011-03-05 - Saturday - 04:39 AM - I replied to Colossians

God can't sin. But that doesn't mean that God is forced to not sin. God is not sin. God is love. God does because of what He is. God is the Great I Am. Jesus is God. But God could have sinned. But God can't sin. God doesn't sin. God can't sin. If God did sin, it would become not sin. Sin is whatever God doesn't do. Sin is not God. God is not sin. Sin means whatever that God is not. Sin is separation from God. Sin lacks what God is, what God has, what God does, what God gives. God won't sin. God can't sin. God doesn't want to sin. But God can sin. But won't. But indeed, God can't because God can't. But God could have sinned. But in our eyes, it doesn't matter. The bottom-line is that God can't sin because God isn't sin.

If God did sin, we would all die, or that sin would not be sin.

Sin is Whatever God is Not

2011-03-05 - Saturday - 03:08 PM - I replied to Colossians

God can do whatever that God wants to do. But I'm only writing in English. That is why it sounds like a contradiction. I said God can't sin, but God can sin. That sounds like nonsense, from surface level. But we have to think about it.

God can't sin because sin means what God is going to not do, what God is not, who God is not. Sin means where God is not. That definition makes it impossible for God to sin. It does not mean God is forced to be good, perfect, holy, to not sin. It means that God wants to do what God does. God wants to be holy, good, caring, because that is who God is, and that is who Jesus is.

But God can sin in a hypothetical sense. God can do whatever God wants. Because God can sin, God can't sin. This makes sense to me.

God can sin. This means God has freewill. God can do what God wants to do. God is not a slave to perfection because God defines perfection. If God were to sin, it would either destroy the universe or that sin that God did would somehow not be sin. This means that God can sin. If God sins, that sin becomes no longer sin. That also means God can't sin.

If God sins, and it is in fact sin, then God ceases from being sinless. That destroys the universe. Because God is outside of time, then if God were to ever sin in the future ever, and if that sin was sin for God, then that would destroy us, and destroy the past, present and future, since God is outside of time, and kill us where we are now, destroying our existence before we ever were even born. And just by the fact that we do exist, it means that God has not ever sinned even in the future. Because if God even sins, then we all die. Our existence and our conscious is proof enough that God can't sin, will not sin, doesn't want to sin, will never ever sin, has never sin, just because we are here.

If God were to someday sin. Then we would have never existed in the first place to even talk about it to begin with.

Therefore, because we know that, then we can conclude that God can't sin because God has never, before, in eternity past or in eternity future, or outside of time, or anywhere else, sinned, ever, now, then, or ever in the future.

But God could have sinned. God can. God can't because God has never.

Revolution Hawaii

2011-03-08 - Tuesday - 04:36 PM - RevHI 2007-2008 Group Photo from the fall of 2007.

Japan Earthquake

2011-03-10 - Thursday - 02:46 PM or AM - 07:10 AM - Japan Earthquake

I was on my computer, in my room, in the house of Charlotte Battle, in PDX, when this was happening, and I asked people on Facebook if they thought Hawaii or even Oregon was going to get flooded. After seeing disaster films, it makes you wonder.

Friday Song

2011-03-14 - Monday - Friday - Rebecca Black

Heart Skips A Beat

2011-03-17 - Thursday - Lenka - Heart Skips A Beat (Official Version)

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