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How do you undelete remotely? That was one of the questions I was asking. I may have accidentally deleted things or somehow broke my laptop or desktop computer. So, I was on my other PC trying to ask people via forums about accessing my broken hard drive but externally through another device.

Video Games

I was sometimes playing video games sometimes with friends in Vancouver, WA. Other than that, was working landscaping for my dad. Dilley Bible Church. Was on Facebook.

Acceptable Cannibalism

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September of 2011

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2011-09 - September of 2011 - Month in Review

Published - 2020-04-10 - Friday - 04:38 PM LMS

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Undelete Remotely?

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Sexy and I Know It

2011-09 - September of 2011 - Month in Review

Video Games

I was probably hanging out with Matt Kurtz a bunch. His brother encouraged me to come over and then I started coming over more and more and would stay for like a week or two straight and then would come back in like a week or maybe a month and do the same thing and stay for a while and so on and so forth again and again. This started happening as early as like August of 2010 and went on through to November of 2010. But it was slowly dying off as time went on, it became less often. It was kind of random and I forget when I was there and not there but I do remember some of it. We played all kinds of games. We would watch movies, shows, play board games, make videos, etc. Many adventures over the years. Met them originally during the summer of 2007 at The Salvation Army's Camp Kuratli in Boring, Oregon, USA.

Acceptable Cannibalism

2011-09-02 - Friday - Acceptable Cannibalism - Blogspot - Facebook - The Salvation Army's Ronnie Ronald Ron Gilden (Not Fonnie Filden) asked or actually Andrew Fries asked on Facebook: "Do you believe in Acceptable Cannibalism?" I was commenting on that Facebook thread and wrote the following:


I was writing on that Facebook thread:

One time I was in Africa and I murdered this guy, and I said, "Hey everybody, dinner is on me. Anybody want a piece?" Ok. So, anyways, is this question dependant on the condition that humanistic death is only merely purely exactly simply just physical or natural or materialistic or non-supernaturalistic? Ok. So, what do you mean by that? Do you mean, "If a human didn't have a soul (like animals don't have souls I think) then can we eat a dead human?" If all dogs don't go to Heaven, it will probably be due to a lack of a heart (soul).


This question isn't about murder or killing is it? It is simply about what we are allowed to eat, right? If a person ate pig all his life and was a pig, could we eat that pig, that human pig? The Bible talks about unclean things. The question might be about whether a dead is unclean. The OT gives a list of animals that are dirty. So, are humans dirty? Better yet, some will say that the NT says that it is now ok to eat unclean things or whatever. I would to love to see more debates concerning these topics. Maybe I should google these things. By the way, I love it when you cook things. If we were dying on an island, I'd let you treat me, wine me, dine me, fine me, cut me, sue me, cook me, stir me, serve me, eat me, and save some of me for later as left overs, dead or alive.

Value of Love

We have a choice here. We can look at what the Bible does say, or we can poke at the things that are not exactly, specifically, directly, precisely, totally there (the so-called grey areas). The Bible emphasizes on loving others. So, is cooking and eating people lovely? Is it loving? Those might be some of the questions we could ask. We could try to backward-apply the cannibalism back into the principles of the Bible. If the Bible is full of cookie shapes, cutter, we can try to fit the cannibalism cookie into one of those shapes, molds, folds. Or we can look at the fact that the Bible might not directly talk about cannibalism. The Bible might not talk directly about smoking either, or obeying traffic light laws, etc.

God's Temple

If we are God's temples, God's houses, God's church, God's body, then is it ok to eat a part of that? The mad-cow-like disease is a connected issue. Good point. Andrew Fries, who are you going to cook? I am Green Oatmeal, Oh Oatmeal. You are what you eat or do or say or believe or think or whatever. I wonder if those cannibals wouldn't get any diseases if they ate Oatmeal people, or really healthy people? If people are healthy, does that make it more ok for us to cook them, eat them, play with them?

Andrew Fries:

@Joey - don't complicate things! It's really a simple thing man! And as far as if it's loving or not, I think if the dude gives me permission and he doesn't have any family that opposes, I feel like that would cover that.


Andrew, I agree. So, if we were on an island, would you let me eat you? This is almost like the issue on divorce. In some cases, you have to get a divorce. In other situations, you may have to eat somebody. Rahab lied about the spies and was rewarded. David murdered Goliath. I am ok with the cooking people thing. Every situation is different. Pray for wisdom to make the most of each day. Maybe when you are real old, you will be able to tell your kids about the time when you had to eat your friend.


@David: I take the scriptural reference to mean that God may hate meaningless or uncontrollable or un-purposeful or unpredictable cannibalism. Because God might be ok with "Acceptable Cannibalism." It may have simply been not God's will at that time for cannibalism. It may have been due to God's judgement, His wrath. Maybe they deserved being trapped. Maybe it was what God wanted. Maybe the cannibalism was a way of cheating death because some of them were trying to escape that trap. Maybe God wanted them to die. The cannibalism may have been their way of saying, "God, we are not going to die. We believe in Darwin's survival of the fittest. We will out-wait this famine of death. We will eat our way out of this!" Maybe the people that were eaten were unwilling participants. Maybe murder was involved (eaten alive). Stupid Cannibalism is stupid. God hates stupid cannibalism. But smart cannibalism is what Andrew Fries is talking about. It's what's for dinner. Beef. The other white white white meat. Good to the last drop. You can have it your way. Just think outside of the box. Just do it. There has to be such a think as Acceptable Cannibalism within certain parameters. ....... "Situational Ethics" ...........


I believe Romans says that both sin and the law was established (like a mirror) to show us our imperfections, that we aren't perfect. What is sin to me is anything that isn't perfect. Since the rise of the fall of mankind, I believe this universe was put on a sin curse, a spell, which keeps us from that garden, that holiness. Solomon (in Ecclesiastes) writes that everything is meaningless apart from God. Farther, Isaiah 64:6 says, "All our righteousness is as filthy rags." I take that to mean, that in some really weird way, everything is sin because sin comes from a sinner. If we are sinners then we sin. If you were a garbage man, you would produce garbage. Genesis talks about reproducing after your own kind. The New Testament talks about that, too, that we reproduce like fruits, that we will sow what we reap. We should go after the mind of Christ. In some kind of weird way, everything is sin. That is why we need Jesus. We cannot produce righteousness by ourselves. We are nothing without Him. However, I also believe in situational ethics. Ethics, principles, truths, God's Word, is eternal, unchanging. However, situations are fluent, constant, changing, and full of variables. We have to apply the ethics to the situations. Andrew Fries is simply talking about situational ethics. Unless if we want to dive into the issues of what is clean or unclean. Apart from some of those issues, I believe, "Would you like fries with that, Sam I Am, in a box, on the street?"


@David, Leviticus also says that Pork is unclean. Don't work the Sabbath. The Old Testament is full of around 613 laws of the do's and don't. So, if we choose to follow some of it, then why not all of it? This is where things get tricky, right? You are also diving into looking at the Bible pretty literal or exact, now, which could also get really tricky, too, right? The OT is full of these details.................

Children Sacrifice

@David, Leviticus may have also been referring to the different details of Israel's Baal worship. In other words, Israel was sinning. They were doing bad things. It wasn't just that Israel may have resorted to some cannibalism. There was also children-sacrifices, in order to satisfy the Greek or ancient or Egyptian or Canaanite gods or deities or whatever. In other words, cannibalism was an ingredient that was intermixed and tied and stuck in there with all of those other sins, conditions, situations, or what have you. It is tough to just scalpel grab the cannibalism issue and pull it out of the context of Israel's sinful history. However, that is what Andrew Fries question is all about. His question is separate and clearly isolated from the details and specifics and all the sins of the Israelites. Situational Ethics would have to allow for an alternative since things might be a little bit different nowadays, because we aren't exactly Israel, are we? We aren't Jews, are we? We are Christians, right? Isn't there a bit of a difference, besides the fact that Christians or Jews were drafted into the vine or into each other, right?


Andrew, if you eat a dead person, then you can only bury their bones into the ground. We can argue about biblical proper burials. We can argue about unclean things. We can argue about following everything in the Old Testament. But we can't argue about starving to death, can we? Would God want us to starve to death? What if the manna (see Exodus) that were given to the wilderness-stricken Israelites were really dead humans, animals, or angels, or God/Jesus Himself (Communion or the Passover


David, I didn't say that. I was speaking generically. The connection between the crime and the punishment is interwoven. That cannibalism situation is still very specific and technical and very hard to apply. How would we apply that to ourselves? It would be tough. I am defending Andrew Fries position with my life, still. You can eat me if you will. I never said that children sacrifices was punishment, exactly. I am talking about sin. Sin causes punishment. It's a dominoes effect. It is the butterfly effect. It's the snowball effect. Sin causes punishment. Rebellion (in the mist of punishment) can cause more sin. That sin can then enable more punishment, chastisement or discipline. It is a loop, a hamster wheel. The Old Testament is full of these Lion King's Circle of Life loops or circles or wildernesses or traps. That is why you can't just make a commandment that simply says, "Thou shalt not eat people." It is not exactly there. That is not the eleventh commandment. David, you misinterpreted me. It reminds me of the issue of murder vs. killing. God says, "Thou shalt not murder." God doesn't say that he is against capital punishment or against the times when God commanded Israel to kill men, women, children, animals, everything. Solomon writes, "There's a time for everything. A time for this and a time for that. And a time for eating people." God is against stupid cannibalism. God is against murder. But what about smart Acceptable Cannibalism due to Situational Ethics? Why starve to death? I like chicken. I like KFC, finger-licking good. Hmm hmm better.


Dear David Sheppard, what, I write too much? Dam, people aren't kosher? Kosher means clean? Clean means not unclean? What? Where's Ronnie? Wait, who's Ronnie? Haha, you mean Ronnie Gilden? Where is he? Let me at him? Is he for real? Is he real? Or are you just remembering the good old Facebook Torah-debate days? Ok. I think I said enough. I believe that there might be exceptions to the kosher rule. Kind of. Siituational Ethics is the exception.


Hey, Andrew Fries: you should share this with the world. Why is it on custom? You know the settings? You should make it viewable to everybody so that I can find this from my other FB accounts, right? Then I can read Ronnie's comment. To @Ronnie Gilden, of course I'd submit to it, but only on the condition that you unblock me first (lest I devolve back to my canibalistic ways)

Cannibalism Big Sin

I think God hates cannibalism more than divorce or murder or ethnic cleansing or suicide or homosexuality or white lies or what am I saying, really? Of course cannibalism should be avoided at all costs. Divorce should be avoided at all costs. There are places in the Bible that says that God hates divorce. There are other places in the Bible that says God is madly in love with divorce so much to even make Him want to do things to do it. Must I say more? Have you noticed that I'm in love with the art of emphasizing, in analogises, in painting a picture of God and you and divorce all in a bed. There was this SNL music Video with Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and the other guy, called Three Way. The same goes for cannibalism. Apart from a few scriptural references, the Bible doesn't talk directly about cannibalism because it is not a root issue. The root issues stem from love. In the Pirates of the Caribbean, there's this compass that directs us to what we want. Our hearts are compasses. We should want God. Our Johnny Depp Compass hearts can journey the seven seas on the quest for the fountain of youth. I mean the fountain on the God. If we stem from that, then we will begin to make to situational ethnic wisdom calls even in the mist of cannibalism. When we get up into Heaven, God will explain to you what I mean by everything that I say. You'll be surprised when you get up there. I mark my words on that. It's because we are born in this curse. Because we are born blind, it is so tough to understand these variables. I don't like arguing. Everything thinks I do. Everybody thinks I like writing books. I love peace. I love people. But I hate it when people are left in the dark, left to their own depravity, their own too much spare time on their hands that may lead to people eating each other. STOP EATING ONE ANOTHER. Physically, you should let me eat you if I am starving. Spiritually, we should eat off each other's wisdom, also, right? I just want to spread truth to the world because I am Oh Oatmeal. Eat me. Then tell God you're sorry for eating me, less he sends you to purgatory for committing such situational ethic nonsense or not.


Ronnie, where's the application?

Jerry West

2011-09-13 - Tuesday - 01:47 PM - Blogspot - Marilyn Cunningham | Oh Oatmeal and Securing Salvation liked this on Facebook. These 2 accounts of mine were later killed by Facebook

Brian R Moread replied

Its Jerry West of the Lakers, even though I think you like Bob more.

Rick Arnold responded

That was Joey posting that, Uncle Brian. My mom would not know who Jerry West is. I wouldn't have known, if someone didn't post a comment about basketball. He looked familiar, but I thought at first he was just a famous pastor.

Sexy and I Know It

2011-09-16 - Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO


2011-09-21 - 11:12 AM - 21st of September of 2011 - Ojawall

How Can I Remotely Undelete?

2011-09-27 - 03:57 PM - Ninja Ubuntu Laptop Vanish: How Can I Remotely Undelete?

Remote Undelete?

2011-09-29 - Ubuntu Forums

OEM-Config reset my laptop. How can I undelete everything from my laptop to my desktop via ethernet?

What do you want to know about my setup? My dual-core HP Ubuntu 10.04 120 GB laptop froze one day. When I turned it back on, all of my data was gone. I had around 15 GBs of free space, meaning that I lost around 80 GBs of files, videos, pictures, documents.

I have a 80 GB Ubuntu 10.04 desktop tower.

I have been able to get my desktop online via ethernet attached to the laptop. The laptop can only get online via wifi wireless internet.

I don't know how to move or transfer or copy and paste files from my laptop into my desktop.

Farther more, I don't know how to use SSH. Is there only one kind of SSH program.

Should I just download the SSH program from the Ubuntu Software Center onto my laptop and desktop?

Wat if I find several different SSH programs, which one should I use then?

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