Hiromi Uehara & Haggard [Music A to Z Challenge #H]

Here is my entry for @psos new challenge: Music A to Z Challenge #H

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  • 2 Bands starting with the letter H, my choices are:

1) Hiromi Uehara

Style: Jazz / Piano
Country: Japan

I'll start with a stupidly talented Jazz artist before moving to Metal again.

If you never heard about Hiromi Uehara, you're in for a treat. She's one of the most talented Jazz Pianists of all time and she is the one composing pretty much every song in her vast repertoire, which includes 5 albums as a solo artist, 2 albums with the Hiromi's Sonicbloom project and 4 albums with The Trio Project... plus 5 Live DVD releases! 😲

The song Caravan appeared in the album Beyond Standard, released under the project Hiromi's Sonicbloom and every time she plays it live... the crowd goes wild.

Prepare yourself for a very intense song, with lots of solos and melodic ballads, from herself in the piano, David Fiuczynski in the guitar, bassist Tony Grey and Jordan Perlson in the drums.

The 4 of them performed together in in 2008, at the XI Festival de Jazz de San Javier and this is a truly memorable spectacle! 😍

Check out how insanely fast her hands move around the 8:00 mark. 🤯

2) Haggard

Style: Metal / Symphonic Metal
Country: German

I was undecided about which artists to pick up... but since the first artist is, above all, a pianist... I decided Haggard was a good fit, since they also have a damn good pianist, besides a whole orchestra and a few lyrical singers playing together.

This German group combines Metal with Classical Music to achieve a sound so strange that usually catches new listeners off guard.

Here is the video for the song Awaking the Centuries, live at Wacken Open Air (2007). The music sounds a lot more polished in studio, speacialy the vocals... but still, this is a very good performance and I hope you enjoy it.

If you prefer to listen the studio version, there is no videoclip, only sound.
Here it is: Awaking the Centuries - Studio Version

I hope you have enjoyed these 2 crazy songs. 😈

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