Fine Fine Titans & Frantic Amber [Music A to Z Challenge #F]

Here is my entry for @psos new challenge: Music A to Z Challenge #F

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  • 2 Bands starting with the letter F, my choices are:

1) Fine Fine Titans

Style: Metal / Post-Hardcore
Country: USA

This band originated as a project from a married couple, with Jennifer Bartlett on the vocals and her husband Evan Bartlett as the bassist.

Despite their cool sound, with a mix between fast and paced parts and slower and melodic ones, as well as the excellent range of vocals and raw energy of Jennifer Bartlett, the band didn't have much success... and eventually disbanded, after releasing only one complete album. 😔

Still, they left behind some really cool and vibrant songs... and, not wanting to play favourites, I believe that Appetite is the best videoclip to to show off the full potential of the band.

In this song, Jennifer Bartlett makes a perfect use of both clean vocals and screaming...

They have other videos... which are a bit more melodic a less furious, so to speak. Here's an example. In the song Mistress, Jennifer Bartlett only uses clean vocals all through the song...

This track might appeal more to you if you prefer Rock over Metal:

2) Frantic Amber

Style: Metal / Melodic Death Metal
Country: Sweden

This is an interesting band... and I have a personal feeling that it was formed by a group of girls who are fans of Arch Enemy. 😁

Why? They are also from Sweden, just like Arch Enemy. They have a similar style... and they started the group as an all female band. My guess is that the girls were unhappy with the path that Arch Enemy was taking... and decided to prove they could do better themselves! 😊

The whole female group idea didn't last long, though... Not even a year after, they replaced the drum player by a guy - Erik Röjås - and 3 years later another guy - Marcus Dalmanner - was picked as the main drummer.

Their sound should be familiar to you if you already know Arch Enemy. However... prepare for a surprise because, after 10 years, Elizabeth Andrews proves she is a match for and can step in Angela Gossow's shoes!

Here is the song Scorched Earth, released just a month ago:

A small curiosity: the band is from Sweden but the vocalist Elizabeth Andrews is from Denmark, the drummer Mac Dalmanner is from Colombia and lead guitarist Mio Jäger is from Japan. Quite an international group! 🙃

I hope you have enjoyed these bands. 😈

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