Eths & Expellow [Music A to Z Challenge #E]

Here is my entry for @psos new challenge: Music A to Z Challenge #E

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  • 2 Bands starting with the letter E, my choices are:

1) Eths

Style: Metal / Metalcore
Country: France

This barely known and obscure band was love at the first sound, for me. 😍

As soon as I heard the addictive intro riffs of the song Crucifière I loved it... and when Candice Clot started singing in French with such a sweet and melodic voice, I knew I had found a hidden gem.

Around the 1 minute mark, Candice switched to growling vocals... and I was addicted.

Unfortunately, Candice left the band in 2012... and that was the beginning of the end of this great band. Still, they have 3 excellent albums with Candice Clot on the vocals and a 4th good album with Rachel Aspe as the lead singer.

However, the fans of the band truly adored Candice. With Rachel on the vocals, their success faded away... and they decided to call it quits on 2016. 😞

Here's Crucifière, the song that got me addicted from the very first second...

As a curiosity, Rachel Aspe was discovered during the auditions of France's Got Talent, with this performance that left the judges shocked:

I love the faces of the judges when she started to growl!!! Simply hilarious! 😂

2) Expellow

Style: Metal / Hardcore
Country: Switzerland

Expellow was a band which I had never heard about when I went to one of their concerts in Lenzburg, Switzerland, very close to their hometown.

What an amazing discovery. These guys are fast and furious and Mik Dean has the perfect vocals and punk attitude that makes this band a great one! Although they are super underrated! 🤔

Their lyrics are superb and very anti-establishment. Here's a small example, from the song Heavy Rain:

You call that making music? We call it prostitution!
Nothing wrong with being loud. But act the way you scream about!
You don't want to sell this out. Go out there, kid... and make it count!

Unfortunately, there's no videoclip for that song, so I leave you with another of their excellent songs, called Game Insane:

I hope you have enjoyed these bands. 😈

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