Багира & Blind Ivy [Music A to Z Challenge #B]

Here is my entry for @psos new challenge: Music A to Z Challenge #B

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  • 2 Bands starting with the letter B, my choices are:

1) Багира (Bagira)

Style: Metal / Heavy Metal
Country: Russia

This band is still at the early stages of their career and they have only released an EP and a full album so far... but boy, this girl - Алла Булгакова (Alla Bulgakova) - can really sing! What a beautiful voice!!! 😘

If they keep working as hard as they have, they have a bright future ahead! 😈

This song is called Шёпот (Whisper). Besides the great vocals, there is some really fine guitar playing going on from Александр Шадров (Alexander Shadrov). Such catchy riffs really sink into our ears!

2) Blind Ivy

Style: Metal / Metalcore
Country: Russia

Yep! Another recently formed band with a superb female vocalist coming from Russia. Don't ask me why... but Eastern Europe has been producing so many talented Female Fronted Bands lately. There is something really special going on, over there. That's for sure!

Анна Ткаля (Anna Tkalya) is the vocalist and she switches from clean vocals to growling almost as easily as Tatiana Shmaylyuk from Jinjer. And that's no easy feat!

This is one of their many great songs and it's called Octagon! I love the live footage on this clip. 😊

If that wasn't enough for you, here's another amazing track, called Embryo Hatred:

I couldn't decide which song to pick, so I included both of them. Eh eh!

As I've told you on my previous entry for this contest, I would show you a lot more great Female Vocalists who have succeeded in what used to be a men's world. I don't know why but there's something about a girl singing in a Metal band that really touches my soul. Follow me and you'll discover many more. 😉

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