Conquer Divide & Cripper [Music A to Z Challenge #C]

Here is my entry for @psos new challenge: Music A to Z Challenge #C

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  • 2 Bands starting with the letter C, my choices are:

1) Conquer Divide

Style: Metal / Metalcore
Country: USA

This band has the particularity of having two female singers whose vocals complement each other.

Kiarely "Kia" Castillo does most of the clean vocals while Janel Duarte does all the screaming and growling parts and some additional clean vocals, as well.

It is a strange concept... but it works out very well. Besides that, all the members of the band are girls. 🤗

This song is called Nightmares:

2) Cripper

Style: Metal / Heavy Metal
Country: Germany

This is a band I loved so much that I went to their farewell concert in Munich, a couple of years ago.

Britta Görtz has a great range of vocals, she has a style between the growl of Death Metal and the more clean vocals used in Thrash Metal. It's a very interesting sound.

Christian Bröhenhorst and Jonathan Stenger did a great work on the guitars, with great riffs and solos... and Gerrit Mohrmann on the bass and Dennis Weber on the drums completed the group.

I don't quite understand why they quit when they were getting better and better with each album... but they must had their reasons.

In this song, called Mother, you can listen to the vast range of vocals that Britta Görtz could achieve. 😊

If you want to check how they performed live, here's a great video for that... of the song Damocles, live at the Metaldays Festival in 2014:

This was a great but underrated band and I'm glad I had the chance to see them live. It was a great show.

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