Rabona - Season 12, Two Matches Left

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Season 12, League 2 / ID 631

I was playing this season halfway. Some matches I set the formations, some matches I didn't. It doesn't seem to help in any case :)

I can't find any logic in the scores. Perhaps it's better not to search for it.

Anyway, no player transactions, no red cards, one injury. A quiet season indeed.

The situation:

My two soccer friends, @costanza and @fullcoverbetting are in the league too.

@costanza is 8th and @fullcoverbetting is leading the table with a good chance to win the league. Especially since the last match, his team is playing at home against my team.

How will it end? We'll find out tomorrow morning.

Financially, this season is a loss. No transactions at all and salaries bigger than the income. I wasn't active at all. I am just trucking along until after the New Year.

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