Rabona - Setting Line-Up For First Match

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest*

A blank sheet

You can reach this page from the Fixtures list.

Since I guess that my best formation currently is 4-4-2 I'll line up players accordingly.

It's best that you open two windows. One with your team and the other for the line-up. Like this.

After putting my supposedly best players in the starting eleven, let's submit it.

Done. Now we wait for the first match. It starts at 3:14 PM whichever time zome is used. It might be local meaning in four hours. I'll be at home then so I can check it live.

With setting the line-up I received 25,000 RBN for the completed task. Nice.

Please, take my ramblings with a bit of salt. I am an absolute beginner at Rabona* and my advice has zero funding.

Good luck, everybody!

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