Rabona, I am in

Paid to play

I used @crazy-andy's referral link although I logged-in before. Hope it shows and reflects somehow.

Cookie tells me it worked.

Am I in?

No, not yet. How long does it take for the app to recognize the transaction and let me see my starter pack?

After I-don't-know-how-many minutes I am in!

Do I understand correctly that I have 5 days to get acquainted with the game?

What should I do first' What are my initial steps?

Thank you!

My team should be called Absolute Beginners :)

Now it's time to start learning about the game and how to play it.

Not tonight, not tomorrow. I have many other things with higher priority to do first. Maybe on Wednesday evening ...

Until then, good luck with playing Rabona. Yes, that's my brand new referral link :)

The last thing for the first post, my club's name.

Strong, inspiring, poetic, isn't it?

I couldn't help myself so I started clicking.

Upgraded stadium and catering, scouted one player yet I didn't like him, contracted a goalie. He's from Brasil. They are supposed to be good, aren't they?

Now, my new player is worth more than the rest of the team. I better go to sleep before I make more stupid moves :)

Better and better

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