Rabona - Before My First Season

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest*

Five days ago I entered the game. And made some rookie mistakes right away. First of all, I didn't understand, or took the time to read about it, the wages system. I bought a goalkeeper which is far too expensive for the lowly rank of my team. Starting from zero you can't afford players with a weekly wage of 6,000 RBN. Weekly is the keyword. I didn't know that. Now I do.

The second mistake was partial because of the user interface, how the buttons work. When I was researching what to do with this expensive goalie I checked the canceling of the contract. There is a sun to pay on the button. I tried to select this label to copypaste it. Yet the button got pressed and the player's contract was canceled. And I had 128,664 RBN less. An expensive first day at the school :)

It doesn't matter. It's a game. It's not an investment. So the say :)

OK, enough of self-pity. The new season my first, start in 10 hours.

In the meantime, I upgraded both Stadium and Catering to level 5 and had some training.

Now it's time to go shopping. I need some decent players.

My starter pack looks like this.

I have no idea what to do next. OK, I do have. With some help from @jelly13 who is a Master player:

Browse through the 50-60 OS section of the market where they earn around a thousand per match. Even that is a lot in League 3 but if you end up in a group made of new teams, advancing might be easiest in the first season you play.

Let's find one player in the range of 900 to 1,100 RBN with the purchase price below 40,00 RBN for each position to add to the team. That much I can afford, I think.


To be honest, I don't fancy any of these.

Peaking at the Sign section I see these options.

OK, I'll shoot myself in the knee again and sign another goalie.

This one.

Done deal.

Jelly will yell at me for sure.

For the next three positions, I won't be spending much time deciding. It's Friday late in the evening, it will be a demanding weekend and I need some sleep. Let's finish this business quickly. After all, I'll be playing the game for many seasons ...



Eh, trying to make sense out of the numbers you don't really understand.


That's it. The team after shopping and signing.

There are no fixtures yet and I can't set the line-up. I don't need to do it as I understand.

Ok, enough of rookie moves for one evening. Good night.

See you tomorrow when the new season starts.

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