Guild Brawls With Pizza 2 - Featuring Relenor Cleaver!

Time flies! Just completed the 7th brawl with my awesome guild, which is none other than Pizza 2 The Deep Dish!

  • Fun In The Discord Chats

Really appreciated the interaction in the Discord chats within the Pizza guilds. During the preparation phase, there's a lot of information sharing and discussion on who to fill each fray. During the brawls, there were reminders to members to complete their brawl battles. And after the brawls, there were celebratory messages and some members (including me) would write about our experience in the brawls. Aside from brawls, I thought the donations were also very well organised and tabulated, with lucky draws to incentivise donors as well.

  • Persevering In Novice Fray

For this brawl, I continued to persevere in Novice fray and I picked Fray 2, i.e. 1/1/1/1. Regardless of the horror stories, I was determined to outwit and use my 20 Gladius cards to do the best I can. This time, I managed to try out some of the new Gladius cards from the latest pack and I was glad that I took home some useful learning points too.

  • We Got 2nd!

So for the final result, we finished 2nd out of 10 guilds and got a whooping 738 Merits, which was a great result in my view. We are on a superb run!


Individually, I had 9 fights this time and I managed 4 wins, finishing 6th within the guild. While this wasn't the best result, I thought 4 wins were still a decent contribution to the tally. Will continue to improve and play my Gladius cards better.


Let's jump into the battles!

Battle 1 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Witch Of Warwick

I almost lost this battle as Unicorn Mustang was tough to handle with a supporting healer. It was down to Witch Of Warwick vs 4 cards at the end, and with Life Leech and Bloodlust, she was totally unstoppable and effortlessly took down all 4 cards. Definitely not the first time I am seeing Gladius cards turning the tide of the battle, but still amazing to watch.

MVP: Witch Of Warwick


Battle 2 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Chimney Wallstop

Tried a new Gladius card this time but the star this time was Tarsa. It's Melee boost to my entire Melee lineup made the difference, along with my Sneak and Opportunity cards, which caused problems for my opponent throughout their lineup.

MVP: Tarsa


Battle 3 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: Relenor Cleaver

Whenever I see Quora Towershead on the opposing side, I knew my chance of winning is left with 10%. I thought I fielded a decent lineup, especially with another new Gladius card Relenor Cleaver, which I thought was a strong card. Unfortunately, all his armor counted for nothing against a Magic lineup and nothing could get through Quora Towershead.

MVP: Djinn Oshannus


Battle 4 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: Relenor Cleaver

If his debut was bad, Relenor Cleaver's weaknesses was exposed once again. It all went well, but after Nerissa Tridawn was taken out, his 4 Melee damage counted for nothing due to my opponent's Repair. So it became a sitting duck and awaited its end. I guess I overestimated his ability.

MVP: Nerissa Tridawn


Battle 5 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: Trapp Falloway

Once again, I tried out a new Gladius Card Trapp Falloway, thinking how strong this card was. My strategy was to stack Thaddius Brood, Undead Priest and Trapp Falloway abilities and deal -3 HP for my opponents but I forgot that this would not work against the tanky Cursed Windeku with Thorns. As a result, my team fell off easily.

MVP: None


Battle 6 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: Trapp Falloway

I thought I stood a chance for a Earthquake battle because not many players (surprisingly) would have Brighton Bloom. But I was wrong this time. Trapp Falloway fell short once more as I was unable to overcome the Divine Healer/Venari Crystalsmith combination.

MVP: None


Battle 7 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Relenor Cleaver

Finally Relenor Cleaver got it right this time and defeated the self-healing Sea Monster with sheer damage output. Without him, it will be very challenging to overcome Sea Monster with just 13 mana.

MVP: Relenor Cleaver


Battle 8 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: Relenor Cleaver

99 mana fights are the recipe for the nightmare lineups that people usually mention for Novice Frays. And I got one here. I fielded my strongest lineup and Relenor Cleaver featured for the 4th time this brawl, but was faced with a team that dealt 21 magic damage per round. Legionnaire Alvar held on for very long before the team succumbed to an expected defeat.

MVP: Legionnaire Alvar


Battle 9 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: Trapp Falloway

Once again, it's Trapp Falloway against Cursed Windeku, but I came out victorious largely because I made better use of the little 18 mana. Trapp Falloway cost 2 mana less than Cursed Windeku and this meant I was able to field more cards.

MVP: Trapp Falloway


So that sums up my 9 battles for this brawl! No free wins this time!

Review Of Gladius Cards

Since I am able to use Gladius cards now, I thought I should review selected cards that helped me win in the brawls. This week's feature is none other than Relenor Cleaver, which featured 4 times (but won once)! Of course, please let me know if you have any tips in using these cards too as I am keen to learn and improve too!



At first glance, this is a very strong card with Reach ability because it can sit comfortably behind Diemonshark or Serpent of Eld or even Legionnaire Alvar. However, its 6 HP actually is quite squishy for a 9 mana card and it disappears before you know it against Magic lineups.

It is definitely a pick for me when it comes to high mana fights, but I would think twice for low mana fights as a few Magic cards will wipe this card out easily. Nerissa Tridawn at 9 mana and 9 HP would be a safer choice.

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Brawl Reports Of Pizza 2 Guild

If you are interested to follow the guild brawls of our guild, feel free to check out some of the brawl reports from our guild members too!

That's all I have! Let me know if you have any thoughts too!

As always, thanks for reading and have a pleasant day ahead!

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