Guild Brawls With Pizza 2 - New Guild, New Fray, Using Gladius Cards!

I have joined a new guild and it's Pizza 2 The Deep Dish!

  • Leaving My Previous Guild

I have left my previous guild BGN after 15 brawls as it seemed to me that most of the members were inactive and brawl participation was quite poor. Nonetheless, I was still enjoying myself. But when I saw that Hive Pizza guilds were looking for members in their Discord, I jumped at the opportunity so here I am!

  • Choosing A Difficult Brawl

So I have completed my 1st brawl with the guild and because I joined late, I wasn't left with much choices and had to settle with Chaos 5/4/3/2 (Fray 10).

Going into the brawl, I didn't have much confidence because I was playing with 100% Level 1 cards and it would take a lot of thinking to try to outwit my opponents given my disadvantage in the cards (if that was even possible).

  • Using Gladius Cards For The First Time!

Then to my surprise, I realised my guild had Level 2 Barracks, which meant I could use my Gladius cards! I have accumulated 10 Gladius Cards (2 Gladius Cases) from my brawls in my previous guild, but I couldn't use them in my previous guild so I always treated them as additional collection power for my SPS airdrop points.

I must say, I had great great great fun playing with Gladius cards! I used to always be on the receiving end of the overpowered Gladius cards when I fight brawls, but for the first time, I had them in my team and it's really amazing to see them perform, or rather, outperform.

  • We Got 3rd!

So for the final result, we finished 3rd out of 10 guilds and got 692 Merits, which was an awesome result in my view. We actually won more than half of our battles.

Individually, I had 6 fights this time in this tough fray but I managed to win 3 of them, finishing 6th within the guild. What a stark contrast from my previous guild hehe.



Let's jump into the battles!

Battle 1 - LOSE

Was way out of depth in this battle. My opponent's Deeplurker had 5 damage and coupled with Resurrect ability, I was unable to do much except to watch my cards fall one by one.


Battle 2 - WIN

ISGARD VORST was the MVP for me in this one. Faced with all the Level 5 cards on the opposing end, it all went downhill from the start until Bloodlust kicked in for my Gladius Card. Pretty surreal that my team of Level 1 cards managed to snatch this victory. And when I went back to check, it's just a Common Gladius card!


Battle 3 - WIN

Opponent fled! Will take this free win!

Battle 4 - WIN

Bearing in mind that this was the first time experimenting with Gladius cards, I picked Katrelba Gobson for this battle. And then I saw the opposing team had a Legendary Gladius card. Faced with multiple cards with Double Strike ability, the Double Strike + Sneak ability from Katrelba Gobson was even more amazing because it meant she could activate Bloodlust twice within the same round. Once again, I was speechless (in a good way) after my team of Level 1 cards won 4 Legendary cards + Level 4 Pelacor Arbalest.


Battle 5 - LOSE

My luck ran out as I expectedly lost to a team with higher level cards. I didn't have any suitable Gladius cards to help me this time.


Battle 6 - LOSE

I thought I had a chance in this but the higher level cards had very high damage output and my team wasn't able to cope even with a healer. Still a good brawl this time!


Review Of Gladius Cards

Since I am able to use Gladius cards now, I thought I should review selected cards that helped me win in the brawls. This round, I have selected 2 cards which have featured in my wins. Of course, please let me know if you have any tips in using these cards too as I am keen to learn and improve too!



One thing I learnt from my first brawl with Gladius cards was that getting the last hit is key to activate the Bloodlust ability. This meant they should be stealing kills (or not let their kills get stolen). Having an Opportunity ability in this case greatly helps because it doesn't clash with the fight at the front or the back (the cards with Sneak). Also, the cards that it target are already almost dead (lowest HP in the lineup). Hence, there is a high chance that it will be able to take the last hit. Moreover, it has armor so Bloodlust increases +1 Armor too. With a few Bloodlust, his speed/armor will increase his survivability immensely. Definitely a very good card in my view, and I am surprised it's just a Common card.



To be honest, I worry slightly about her survivability and a great effort is required to protect this card in the lineup. If succeeded, then her powers will tilt the game in your favour. With Double Strike, Bloodlust can be activated potentially twice in 1 round and before you know it, the whole backline is going to be wiped out. That said, given that only 1 Gladius card can be chosen for brawls, at 6 mana, I will think twice (or thrice) before including her in the lineup as 3 HP (easily 2 or 1 HP after modifiers) is really very squishy. Final take on this card is this is a "glass cannon", which somewhat reminds me of Pelacor Arbalest. Lol.

That's all I have! Let me know if you have any thoughts too!

As always, thanks for reading and have a pleasant day ahead!

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