"Log in with Posting Key" in progress | Curation Report 7-Feb-2023

Hello Hive Community Members,

With this post,

  • I am going to share the manual curation report and,
  • I am going to provide you update on https://the-hive-mobile.app development progress with screenshots.

Curation Report - 6-Feb-2023

  • I upvoted following posts with Ecency points.

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Community - LeoFinance (@hive-167922)

@anomadsoul@anomadsoul/i-am-simply-not-selling150$ 01.00
@idiosyncratic1@idiosyncratic1/official-crypto-wallets-to-support-earthquake-victims-in-turkiye150$ 01.00
@erikklok@erikklok/hive-rewards-january-2023150$ 01.00
@anna89@anna89/investing-during-a-difficult-financial-era150$ 01.00

Community - SplinterLands (@hive-13323)

@certain@certain/splinterlands-ampifire-battle-strategy-weekly-battle-share-challenge-submission150$ 01.00
@underlock@underlock/stunlock-and-immunity-splinterlands150$ 01.00
@zephid83@zephid83/share-your-batlle-grund-deeng150$ 01.00

Community - Liketu (@hive-147010)

@maylenasland@maylenasland/colourful-vibes150$ 01.00
@yeniluci@yeniluci/fresh-and-elegant-makeup-in-blue-tones-step-by-step-eng-esp150$ 01.00
@aksurevm89@aksurevm89/an-art-museum-in-my-brother-in-laws-home150$ 01.00

Future Curation plan

  • So far I am curating with Ecency points.
  • I have now enough !PIZZA, !LUV & !LOLZ. I will soon start curating with that too.
  • I am also planning to curate with different commands like - !ALIVE, !PGM, !BEER, !WINEX

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the-hive-mobile.app Development Update

the-hive-mobile.app - I am working on "Add a post" feature


  • This is straight 38 days of Hive mobile application development.
  • And I have been working on this project over 3 months now.
  • You can support my development by upvoting my contents.
  • Donate Hive / HBD
  • Vote me as witness

Try it out now

What did I work on today?

  • I worked on log in screen again.
  • I am working on - adding support for posting key based log-in.
  • In some scenarios, user may not have Hivekeychain app on their phone & if user may still want to log in, log in with posting key is an alternative.

What's Next?

  • Complete Posting key based login
  • Support both kind of sessions - postingKey based & HiveAuth based.
  • HiveAuth Session Expiry
  • Allow user to add post - continue
  • Allow user to upvote / downvote content.
  • Allow user to add comment.
  • Allow user to follow/unfollow/mute/unmute/blacklist users.
  • All RPC request with param observer with username.
  • All user specific to-dos.
  • Sort votes by different methods
  • In votes show author's reputation
  • Further experiments on markdown
  • Show more details on post page apart from post-body

Try it out now

Where do I try out above UI?

Explore code

Want to know more?

Previous Updates - Feb-2023


Previous Updates - Jan-2023


Lots of ❤️ Love for Hive

  • This is open source contribution
  • It's all contribution for the hive Community
  • Wish me luck

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