Cultural tourism with the LadiesofHive train // Contest #60

First of all, I'd love to thank @thu172 for inviting me to this contest. I initially declined her invitation because I didn't have anything interesting to share with everyone.
After wandering around on friends' blogs for a while, I came across @kaerpediem's post about her memories of a traditional Greek wedding. I really enjoyed the new things she shared. I lamented to her that I never got to spend a holiday with another culture, and She said: "This is a good contest, we discover through each other :D".
Her words got me excited. Right! I can fully explore and experience different cultures through everyone's writings. Why don't I do that?

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And I started my journey from Thu's post. Thu shared her memories with the land of Ha Giang, with different cultural traditions. I always wanted to have the opportunity to discover all the beauties of nature and the people of Vietnam. But I have not had the chance to do so yet. Through Thu's confession lines, the love of travel and discovering new lands burned in my heart. Ha Giang is beautiful! And the hearts of the people there are as beautiful as the poetic beauty of Ha Giang.

photo in her post

Then I stopped by @rem-steem's article because I found her thumbnail quite impressive with a big and strange Christmas tree. She shared about her experience at Christmas even though she is Muslim. The openness of religious beliefs and traditional rituals among individuals in the area she lives piqued my interest in this essay. They respect and experience together with the unique beauty of each religion.


I tried to find a bit of information about the Muslim festival in rem-steem's article, but there was no such thing. I was curious, but luckily then I read @arrliinn’s post. And I learned about the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. It is celebrated according to the Islamic calendar and does not fall on the same day of the year. What impressed me most was the significance of this holiday.


She wrote:

Ramadan is a month of giving. Hence, there are lots of donation drives and special sales promotions happening especially during this month.

The festival of sharing and giving! Sounds really meaningful. I love the humanity of this festival. You can also read more information about Ramadan through the article of @bettybunny, she also had the opportunity to experience this festival and share her sincere thoughts about it.

Then, I got excited when I came across @queenstarr's post. She shared about a festival called Pancha Ganapati in India. It was the festival she wanted to experience, and after reading her post, I also wanted to experience it. There are so many interesting things here, fancy cakes, colorful costumes and especially the meaning of the holidays. They attract me so much. The festival is a connection and tightening the love between people, in the family and society.


I can feel the warmth, closeness and cohesion of people through her writing. Hopefully, the beautiful cultural features of this festival will always be preserved over time. And I think this is a festival worth experiencing once.

Another festival in India is called Holi. It is demonstrated powerfully in the post of @harnah12. She said that she is Nigerian and has never experienced any specific holiday. Holi is the festival she is looking forward to exploring.


I understand why she likes that festival much. Because through her post, I can imagine a space full of color, laughter, joy, and happiness for everyone. Such festivals help strengthen the solidarity and love of the community together, an opportunity for people to express their love to their loved ones, an opportunity for everyone to have beautiful memories together.

Visit post of @rose-o with the title The New Yam festival. I'm so excited with her sharing. It was her first time participating in a festival in a northern Nigerian village.


I saw big yams at this event. I guess it's a festival that aims to honor everyone's hard work. Helping people have moments of entertainment, relaxation, and fun after a harvest season of agricultural products. Rose-o had a memorable experience.

I Would Love To Experience Hanukkah is an article by @kemmyb. She shares about Hanukkah. Through her post, I learned about the Jewish festival and its history. I have read many books about the Jews so far and admired their wisdom, but this is the first time I have known this festival, and I'm very impressed by it.


Eight holidays, with candles lit, delicious food, dances, and creating memorable memories with loved ones, it's such a warm and friendly atmosphere. I hope she will soon be able to take part in this meaningful festival as she desires.

There are many additional intriguing sharings, but I can't mention all of them in this article. I'm pleased since I just had a meaningful time.

Have you been fortunate to experience a holiday from a religion or culture different than your own? If so, tell us about it! If not, which would you choose to experience?

Yes! This week's topic of @thekittygirl is like a train that has brought me around, allowing me to discover and get new seeings on diverse cultures of many countries. Each land has its beauty that makes me impressed. And I would love to have the opportunity to experience all those unique cultural features.

Through some articles, some of the ladies keep saying that they are not lucky enough to be a part of the festivals because their country does not have any unique fests. Oh! I understand how they feel. But I don't consider it is unlucky. After all, the common purpose of festivals is to direct people to the good. Through that events, we can show our gratitude to the spiritually powerful figures we worship, and it allows us to enjoy spending time with family and friends after a long period of hard work. But if the place you live does not have any festivals, you can still do those things.
You have to feel lucky to have been born in your home country, which also has unique beauties that nurtured you grew up. Give your homeland gratitude by practical actions every day without going through a festival.
You have to feel lucky when you have many loved ones with whom you share the happiness and difficulties in daily life. Make sweet memories and unforgettable moments with them without going through any festivals.
And you have to feel lucky that you lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Give yourself some time to relax, to take care of yourself without any festivities.

So never feel unlucky for anything, my ladies! The world around us is full of beauty. It's good to have the opportunity to experience the real things, but if you don't have the opportunity, then discover it through reading like I'm doing right now. It's also so interesting!
Honestly, I didn't spend much time reading another's posts before. But through this challenge:

LadiesOfHive was founded on the principle of "women empowering each other."
Do you regularly support other posts in the community? If not, I ask you to please make an effort to do that each week! I challenge each of you to upvote and comment on a post by another LadiesOfHive member! Let us know whom you supported and what you liked about their post!

I have fully understood the meaning of regularly reading articles and supporting others. It not only allows us to learn new things but also helps us to make new friends. Just like the meaning of festivals, only when you give your love and generosity will you receive the value of happiness in return. The more you support others, the more valuable you are in a community. Ladiesofhive has always stood out on hive by the enthusiasm and devotion of mods. I always appreciate and respect everyone's feelings. As a woman in this community, I will also work with everyone to further develop the noble feelings everyone is nurturing every day.

Here is my entry for this week's contest, and it is also the passionate discovery of new things that I had for the first time. Thank @Ladies's contest for giving me many valuable things. I'd love to invite @trangtran to join this contest with me.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my post. Have a nice weekend!


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