Capitalist Corona Engineering

Social engineering refers to efforts to influence particular attitudes and behaviors on a large scale. In everyday discussions this is ascribed to authoritarian, socialist and communist governments who use central planning to regulate the future development and behavior of an entire society. It would be a big mistake however, to think that in our so called free western societies there's no such thing going on.


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I would even say it's the contrary; under the iron rule of capital we are constantly being assaulted, through the media and the economy itself, with psychological and physical manipulation to make us act like the obedient consumers at the bottom of the capitalist food-chain. From the day we are born until our dying breath, we live under a carrot-and-stick regime, we just call it something else, like "the meritocracy" or "targets and incentives". We are always being presented with a next level to strive for, starting at school and continued in our professional careers. "Work hard and follow the rules and you'll be rewarded with a promotion," is what we're told all our lifes. But for regular people, this race to the top never seems to end. And why would it? It's not as if the ones at the pinnacle of society right now are very welcoming; no, they have lots of reasons to engineer society in a way that keeps the masses fighting over scraps and with each other.

I and lots of others have mentioned several times that the way we respond to the corona pandemic might be the biggest social engineering experiment ever, a test to see how much we are willing to take, how easy or difficult it is to change our collective behavior overnight and on a global scale. It's only logical to strongly consider this option, as it fits nicely with capitalism's standard social engineering aimed at concentrating ever more wealth and power into ever fewer hands; the horrifying spectre of a one world government is exactly the end-station of this countries old capitalist experiment, not a conspiracy theory at all. Because under capitalism we must never forget that governments serve under the economy and not the other way around; the one world government we're heading for is one of extremely wealthy capitalists, not one working for or voted for by the people. This corona pandemic, if nothing else, is a schoolbook example of disaster capitalism; billions upon billions are spent to "save" corporations and institutions that need no saving, and almost nothing to the people who actually need the help. Small businesses and private home owners will go bankrupt by the millions, and all these businesses and empty houses will be bought at dirt-cheap prices by those very same corporations and institutions. Like every other crisis, this pandemic will be engineered into a money and power transfer from the poor to the rich.

Believe me, the extremely rich are having the time of their lifes right now; they will see their wealth and power grow even faster, courtesy of the corona virus. That's obvious and it's the topic of the below linked video. But please, please don't forget that we're being manipulated every day, not just now, by these same plutocrats, and what we're seeing now is merely an acceleration of a process that's been going on since we made some people rich and the rest poor, some 12,000 years ago. It's nothing special, it's not a conspiracy, it's simply how capitalism works; it always devolves into cronyism; they're one and the same, just like politics and economy are inseparable, capitalism and capitalists are inseparable.

Krystal Ball: Why the rich are partying while country burns

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