Blaming We, The People

Trump is the most dangerous president in modern history, and it's your fault he is in the White House. You let us down in 2016 and now we give you a chance, because we're noble like that, to make up for that unforgivable mistake; vote for Biden, and we'll call it even. That seems to be the message of the Democrats to their voter base, and they actually expect to win like that...

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When Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, it was everybody else's fault, just not Hillary's or the DNC's. We, the people were racist and misogynist, just not ready for a female president, and the Russians interfered on behalf of Trump. This blaming of the voters may be the most clear indication of politicians having forgotten who they work for, clearer even than Trump's disdain for the fourth estate; at least when he says the press are lying, he's not wrong, even when all his motivations to do so are. And we live in eerie times indeed when a lefty like myself feels the need to agree with Trump over any member of the Democratic party establishment, for two posts in a row now.

Now Michelle Obama does her part in the "blame the people game"; in her new Netflix documentary, titled "Becoming", she says that Democrats not showing up to vote for Hillary in 2016, or to vote for Democrats in the House of Senate during the disastrous years leading up to that election, was "like a slap in the face". She blames those unwilling Democrat voters for not taking elections serious, saying they must have thought it's all a game. Look, Trump is an authoritarian racist clown; winning against him should have been the easiest thing in the world, and you lost that race. Nothing more has to be said really; it's your fault for promising change while continuing politics as usual, marginalizing the same working class people you now try to blame for Biden's foreseeable loss against Trump this year. And if Biden wins, which is also possible, it's not because the Democrats succeed, but because Trump fails; it will be a vote against Trump, not one for Biden because Biden, just like Obama, has nothing to offer but a return to the Obama era that drove people to vote for the orange clown in the first place.

Obama, the "change candidate" with a silver tongue, turned out to be a lying snake with a forked tongue who kept the neoliberal policies of stealing from the poor to give to the rich alive and well. And when his administration offered as a successor another snake, a female snake, the choice was simple: at least a clown is human. I've seen a poll in which 51% of Bernie Sanders' supporters say they will likely vote independent or not vote at all, and of course any would-be Democrat voters who refuse to throw the full weight of their support behind the anti-clown candidate, is vilified already on social media and in the mainstream press. They'll blame the people again when they don't fall for the old snake-switching ploy. They replaced a black snake with a female snake and failed. Now they push forward an old, grey senile snake and expect to win?

Krystal Ball: Michelle Obama's voter shaming is everything wrong with Dem establishment

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