Informed Melancholy Or Blissful Ignorance

Is ignorance bliss? As I surf the internet every day, on the lookout for something to share with you, my dear readers, I'm increasingly inclined to agree that yes, ignorance could be better than the melancholy that comes with being informed about the world today.


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On the other hand, zooming out and looking at ourselves from a cosmic perspective, it's impossible for me to not be amazed by life, the universe and everything else, and I would consider it a personal defeat if I were to lose sight of the wonderful and unique chance we're given here as the only conscious creatures we know of in the entire universe, capable of being amazed by it all. The very same atomic and subatomic particles that make up everything else, have come together in us in a way that enables those particles to wonder about their origin; in a sense, we really are the universe trying to understand itself. And we would deny the universe to learn more about itself, if we let our Earthly ignorance drive us into destroying ourselves.

But that's exactly what we're doing; we're already in the sixth mass extinction, this one being caused by us (the Anthropocene extinction) and with more species made extinct than the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs managed. It's no wonder that young adults in their twenties, who grew up with the internet and have all the information at their fingertips, have a rather bleak outlook on life, and have been dubbed the Doomer generation:

A doomer is someone who believes that global problems—including but not limited to ecological exhaustion, such as overpopulation, peak oil, climate change, and pollution—will cause the collapse of civilization, significant human population die-off, and potentially lead to eventual human extinction.
source: Wikipedia

In the video I'd like to share with you today, a contrast is painted between the positive "can do" attitude of the television-informed baby boomer generation and the melancholy among the internet-informed doomers. Watch it please, as it might explain some notable disputes between these generations. I was born in the late 1960s but feel a lot younger now, as I consider myself one of the informed doomers ;-)

Who Is The Doomer? - Dealing With An Age Of Hopelessness

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