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Divide et impera. That's Latin for divide and rule, a strategy as old as politics and war and is as effective today as it has ever been. In politics this means that power is gained and maintained by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.

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This is why in most western civilizations almost everything is "politicized", but nowhere as apparent as in the United States of America. Since both political parties serve the same billionaires and millionaires of the capitalist owner class, and become billionaires and millionaires themselves through the "revolving door politics" that unite the political and corporate realms, they make everything into a so called "wedge issue". Since it's impossible to differentiate between the two by their economical ideologies, they have to find other reasons to give voters to vote for them and not the "other" side. Since slavery ended, the predominantly white male capitalists have driven a wedge between poor black workers and poor white workers. They told their poor white constituents, and still do, that their working class peers of a different color were, and still are, the cause of wages being so low. Nowadays in America the Mexicans and other central Americans are blamed for driving down wages, when in fact it is the capitalists, the ones that pay the wages and more than enough money to pay higher wages, who actively lobby to keep wages down; in their unholy marriage with both political parties they've been able to freeze the minimum wage at 7 dollars and 25 cents for decades. They are the real enemy of the working class, black, white, brown or any other color.

The political left and right are united in their celebration of capitalism, the system that keeps the working class down, and are united in their goal to divide that working class into many separate factions, to keep them fighting and arguing among themselves and to distract their attention away from their real suppressor. That's why everything is being appropriated by one of the two political sides, and why every debate is indeed politicized. Are you "pro life" or do you believe women have the right to rule over their own physical bodies? The way these sides are framed makes it almost impossible to disagree with them; you're for a woman's right to abortion, then you must be against life. You're pro life, then you must be against a woman's right to decide what to do with her own body. This fleeing into extremities prevents the nuanced and careful discussion this, and almost every other socially or individually impactful topic deserves; these manufactured positions lead to intellectual laziness and catastrophic easy answers or solutions.

And now the Democrats and Republicans have chosen the wedge they'll use with regards to the corona pandemic. Democrats identify themselves as being in favor of quarantine, social distancing and keeping "America closed", while Republicans from the very beginning claimed that it's not so bad and that we should "open up America" again. And their constituencies have both taken the bait; right wing conservatives are protesting against the quarantine and demand that the economy be opened up again, and Democrats call them "Covidiots", forgetting completely how their own Joe Biden said people should go out and vote during the primaries, and that the Democrats voted for emergency bills that have no compensation for working class people who temporarily or permanently can't work for a living anymore. Both parties, in their own ways, are simply fighting to keep capitalism alive and well, they both fill the pockets of their corporate billionaire masters while showing a horrifying disregard for their working class voters. Capitalism is what's keeping you down people, not some stupid virus. Now please watch the video that served as an inspiration to write today's post. It's by YouTuber Renegade Cut, who makes many brilliant video's like this one, so when you're there, drop him a like :-)

Misinformation for Fun and Profit | Renegade Cut

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