Orange Bush Bad!

"Orange Man Bad" will be stuck to Trump's presidency in the minds of generations to come, I'm sure. But something is broken when Republicans and Democrats alike start fawning over George W. Bush in order to point out how badly the Orange Man handles the corona pandemic...

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George W. Bush was the president when the American people united in grief and anger after the 9/11 attacks. Note that I didn't say that HE united the country; that was accomplished by the attackers themselves, and we still don't know who the attackers were. Was it Osama? Was it an inside job? Was it the Mossad? Or did the Deep State know the attacks were coming? We don't know because Bush's administration, filled with warmongers like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove, John Bolton, Condoleezza Rice and others, never allowed a real investigation and instead did everything in their considerable power to cover up all evidence as quick as possible. He was a "war president" and enjoyed the benefits of all war presidents; a nation united against a common enemy in need of a strong leader. And so he got a second term, even when at the time he was the least popular president of the century.

And he deserved that low rating, because not only did he start two illegal wars against countries that didn't attack America, Afghanistan and Iraq, causing hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths, he also implemented an international torture-regime with Guantanamo Bay at its center of attention, he cut taxes for the rich and their corporations, he eroded civil liberties with the Patriot Act, he mishandled the aftermath of hurricane Katrina so badly one could say he just stood by and watched New Orleans drown and he tried to cut social security. This man is a criminal with the blood of thousands on his hands, and he has no moral high-ground to stand on from which he can lecture the current POTUS.

So, when George W. Bush, the grandchild of Prescott Bush who had ties with Nazi Germany (go look that up), and the child of George H.W. Bush, the war criminal who lied America into the first Gulf War, releases a video calling for the nation to set aside partisan differences and unite to defeat the pandemic, it's disheartening, to say the least, to see that video go viral and garner as much praise as it did. Here are some random praises I found on Twitter:

I was tearing up listening to this wondering what the US would be like today if we actually had a president that was constantly reassuring us that we will get through this together instead of this psycho-ego maniac tweeting shit hourly and breeding hate.

Thank you #GeorgeBush for your beautiful message of support and your leadership. It’s really sad that an ex-President has to step up because of the current leadership vacuum. Thank you.

A timely chance to hear what the idiom of presidential oratory sounds like, in case -- so deep into the reckless presidency of @realDonaldTrump -- you've forgotten how it pulls together purpose, value, concern, and, above all, truth. #coronavirus #COVID19 #GeorgeBush

What?? George W. Bush wasn't eloquent at all and was as addicted to the teleprompter as Trump, or Biden for that matter. For an eloquent war criminal, one with a proverbial silver tongue, look at Obama... Fortunately there are also a lot of tweets going against this whitewashing of the former POTUS, and this one by @AndyLeeParker1 hits the nail right on its head:

#GeorgeBush is just more evidence that corruption didn't start with #Trump. The rich have made mockery of justice, equality and democracy since the first administration, all rich white racist slave owners.They just transplanted feudalism here with themselves as the new nobility.

They're ALL criminals, so please stop propping up one criminal to show how bad another is at his trait. It's not helpful at all and does nothing but lowering the bar for future candidates; as if the bar wasn't low enough with the current choice between Orange Man and Senile Biden...

Democrats Shower George W. Bush With Praise In Attempt To Own Trump

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