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Jesse Ventura just might become the Green Party presidential nominee in 2020. The irony is perfect; a retired pro wrestler stepping in to upset the pro wrestling show performed by the two parties that are united in screwing over the American people as well as the rest of the world.


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Jesse Ventura is an actor too, albeit not a very good one, and could become part of a rather exclusive club of actors in American politics with predecessors like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's sweet as well; an actor stepping in to ruin the performance of all those actors in Washington. And you know what? I hope he goes through with it, even if it's just to offer a viable alternative to all those American voters who can not bring themselves to vote for either of the two criminal actors / pro wrestlers provided by the Democrats and Republicans. On top of that, mr. Ventura's political views are rather progressive, so a vote for him would actually be a vote FOR something, not just against someone.

Here are some of Jesse's convictions and statements:

  • End pork-barrel spending; return surplus to the people.
  • Return any budget surpluses to the taxpayers automatically.
  • Don't amend Constitution to outlaw flag-burning.
  • We're losing our rights to the so-called War on Terror.
  • I'd rather face the terrorists than lose my civil liberties.
  • The Patriot Act guts the Fourth Amendment.
  • Respect diversity, both cultural and lifestyle.
  • Prosecution and sentencing should be colorblind.
  • Unlimited secret cash from corporations influences elections.
  • Keeping fat cats in business deepened 2008 collapse.
  • Media today: controlled by corporations & all about ratings.
  • We embraced China but not Cuba because Castro nationalized.
  • Opposes death penalty because DNA proves too many mistakes.
  • Crime statistics are distorted to encourage racism.
  • While we fight "war on drugs", Afghans do our drug business.
  • Banks & prison-industrial complex gets rich on the drug war.
  • Drug addiction is a health problem, not a crime.
  • Treat marijuana like we treat alcohol and tobacco.
  • Overcome dependency on foreign oil.
  • Visited Cuba & Fidel Castro, despite presidential opposition.

I could go on, but the list is endless. If you want the full list of mr. Ventura's view on important topics including gun control, health care, government reform and so on, you can find that here: On The Issues.

With Bernie Sanders out of the race effectively, and the horrible prospect of a Biden or another Trump presidency, I'd say Jesse Ventura is a welcome addition. Watch the video for some more examples of Jesse's criticisms of the corrupt two-party system; there's a man I could actually vote for without feeling dirty afterwards...

Will Jesse Ventura Be The Green Party Nominee For President In 2020?

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