Delicious meat dish with vegetables


Friends today I want to share a recipe for those who love meat. Beef ribs in their own juice with vegetables. The dish turns out very tasty nutritious, no man will pass by such a treat.

And so here we go.


I cut one kilogram of beef ribs into pieces and put them in a bowl, take a large onion and eggplant and cut them in half rings. Then in the same way I cut a small zucchini, carrots and potatoes in half rings. To give a spicy taste and flavor to the dish it is necessary to cut bell peppers and tomatoes.


It remains to assemble the dish in one piece. I lay greens on the bottom of the pan; they will give the dish a unique flavor. Next, I lay out the meat and salt it a little, then I lay a layer of onion chopped with rings, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, potatoes and three cloves of garlic. Then comes another layer which consists of bell peppers, zira and tomatoes and dill. I want to warn you in advance, this dish is cooked on low heat so as not to burn. Well, that's all, enjoy your meal, friends.






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