A Lesson in Every Situation

No matter how good or bad our days are, there will always be lessons that will remain forever in our mind and heart.

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These past few weeks, a lot of things happened in my life like a roller coaster ride. Just like the weather, there are situations I've been through which could either be good or bad ones yet the lessons are all meaningful when I start reflecting from all of them.


There were days I thought were really bad and difficult to deal with, but with optimistic mind and strong faith, I'm beyond happy that I surpassed those with important lessons I've gained.

Some people are afraid of being fully happy because they think that's the next days will be on the opposite side and that might be sadness. This could be partly true, but we shouldn't limit our happiness at all especially if we're doing good and right.
We shouldn't think negatively about the days ahead of us because that will definitely attract negative vibes as well amidst the positive situation we're currently into.

Good or bad days, we should always look for the lessons in every situation we face.

Tired or exhausted? That's a sign of great effort and perseverance. You did well on that part. Take a break for a while.

Failed? At least you tried, you won't have any regrets in the end. Remember, if you tried, next time you won't be starting from the scratch anymore since you already learned your lessons.

Rejected? That is God's way of keeping you away from what's not meant for you. He has better plans for you.

Left behind? We have our own timeline towards success. If others succeed, you will too. Just don't give up, and keep going. You'll get there, no matter how slow the process is.

Let's always be optimistic. There's a lesson in every situation, we just have to look for it instead of feeling bad if things don't go with our plans.

That's all for today. I hope, you learned something meaningful from this content. Have a nice day everyone! ❤️


Date Published: July 11, 2022
Images: All Photos are Mine

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