A community for those participating in the Thoughtful Daily Post movement.

This is a community for those participating in the Thoughtful Daily Post movement, created by me, @wesphilbin, on June 23rd, 2019.

Best described by a dear friend as follows; “The tag #thoughtfuldailypost can be applied to any post that speaks of positivity, uplifting topics, inspiration, reflection (especially self-reflection), deep musings about our human nature, spiritual aspects, and other philosophical inclinations. Despite the word "daily" in the tag, it is not necessary to write a post every day to participate — a single post of a thoughtful nature is welcome any time! We need more positivity and thoughtfulness in the world, now more than ever!”


Even a bad day can be thoughtful, so show everyone your thoughtful daily post!

We manually read "every" post.


- Posts must have an English version. If you translate your posts, we strongly recommend sharing the original version as well.

- Original content only.

- We require that all photos in the community are sourced. This means linking directly back to the public domain site that you used, or stating that your photos are your own.

- We have a strict stance against AI and plagiarism. We want to read your original work!

- Posts should be 300+ words, shorter posts are likely to be overlooked.

- Be thoughtful.

- We are easygoing. But if you can't follow my simple rules, we will mute you... Love and light. Wes & Grindan.

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