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Storm In Turkey Forms Voldemort’s Face In The Sky

Storm In Turkey Forms Voldemort’s Face In The Sky

Nature never ceases to amaze us, it always has some phenomenon that at first looks normal but turns out to be impressive and sometimes even crosses the line of fiction to the point of confusing some people with what is real.

Recently this happened in a major storm that hit the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The meteorological phenomenon was filmed by thousands of people impressed by what they were watching and, as expected, this immediately went viral on social media.

According to all the weather forecasts that night a storm would hit the city so most of the people had taken their provisions to be safe at home while the rain and lightning struck.

What no one expected was that when they picked through the window and looked up at the sky they would see an impressive figure forming in the clouds very very similar to the villain of the Harry Potter saga: Voldemort.

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Source: dailyamazingthings | By Luis Barrios - September 21, 2021

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