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Riftwatchers have arrived! I was unsure about the exact day the cards could be used, but today when I started facing maxed Riftwatchers cards, I had the confirmation they were here. I still have to get familiar with the cards, but one thing is for sure: some of them are game changers! The epic summoners are really strong, especially Fernheart and Ilthain, the earth and life summoners.

Fernheart gives +1 health and close range, so imagine all the strong ranged earth cards being able to attack from the front! Ilthain, on the other had, provides the return fire ability (wich can be a great counter to Fernheart), and +1 speed.

But even more than the summoners, the legendaries from this set will surely bring a ton of new strategies to the battlefield. Especially a neutral taunt monster.... with dodge ability!

Are you as excited as I am? 🙂

By the way, if you haven't joined a guild yet and you're a dedicated player, our guild Roaring Twenties is at level 10! If you're thinking about joining in, you can check the info on the guild page, or reach us on discord here to discuss membership!


So, and who won this week's card?

Congratulations @oleg326756! The Harklaw is going your way!

For this next giveaway, the card that will be switching hands is...

The Gargoya Devil!


No upvote, follow or resteem required. Just comment! Or even better, tag a fellow player! Winner will be randomly chosen at post payout; good luck everyone!


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