Magi Necrosi and the Forbidden Tome of Azdurj

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Hello, everyone. KonAqua-desu! This is my entry on Splinterland's Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!, where, as the title suggests, share your experiences and insights in one of your battles. Enjoy!


With the power of the forbidden tome, these untouchable creatures were given strong powers and freedom to choose their own targets but protection to not be targeted as well. These unheard power, when wielded properly, can bestow you with wins one after another.

There are a lot of strong cards in Chaos Legion. Some of them are not being utilized very much as I see very low usage in bronze. One of them is Magi Necrosi. The combination of his abilities makes him very deadly and hard to deal with. It is one of the best card that I found while theory crafting on possible line ups.

In this challenge, I want to focus on Magi Necrosi, a 6 mana cost Death unit with decent damage, great ability and added protection.

Last time, I reviewed about Supply Runner and shared why I am not fond of that unit. As I said on that post, "Everything that you don't need is in this unit". On the contrary, everything I want on a magic unit is on Magi Necrosi.

Is Magi Necrosi really that amazing? Let's break it down why.


Four hundred years before the first rift opened, the first whispers of chaos brought dark beasts under a blood moon to the Tower of Azdurj. Creatures of nightmare began hunting by night, lurking the valleys and crawling on the wind.

In desperation, the acolytes of Azdurj sought forbidden tomes, long sealed beneath their tower. By the candlelight of hidden recesses within their tower's crypt, the first Necrosi were born. Forged to battle the spawn of Chaos, these bounty hunters are eager to take up the fight.

“By the light of the full moon, I first walked upon the sundered lands as a faceless brother of the Black Sign, my life as an uncloaked all but forgotten.

With glittering siphilum coursing through my veins, I saw the first shadows cast by new eyes, and my heart was full.

I had survived the transmutation and was eager to don my cloak and gauntlets, symbols of the trials I faced to take this form...and the perils of the coming Doom.”

Card lore can be found on the Splinterlands Website.

Monster Stats and Skills

Magi Necrosi has great stats even on lower levels. His 2 damage that can pass through armor is huge when dealing with units that increases other's stats and effectiveness. He also has high speed allowing to attack first every turn.

Even though he has high mana cost, this is overshadowed by the pros on his other stats and abilities.

This ability is already available at level 1, which allows Magi Necrosi to prioritize non-melee monsters. Tanks are normally melee monsters meaning they have high health. Avoiding these to target low health monsters first reduces the overall damage inflicted to your team.

This is probably the strongest defensive ability in the game for non-tanks. It is also unlocked at level 1 upon using Magi Necrosi. Camouflage bypasses other abilities like snipe and opportunity meaning they cannot target Magi Necrosi during battle unless he's on the first position. However, take not that he can still be damaged by other abilities such as blast if he's beside the target.

At level 4, Magi Necrosi unlocks Oppress. Oppress is a good combo to snipe. If the target has no attack, like life's Truthseeker for example, the damage inflicted is doubled. Units without attacks is one of the priority targets for snipe.

At max level, Magi Necrosi unlocks the stun ability, which allows him to have a chance to skip opponent's turn. The only issue is that this is only a chance. Magi Necrosi hitting the target does not ensure that the target will be stunned and it's up by chance whether it would apply or not.


Click on this link to view the full battle.

Mana and Rule Sets

This is a mid-mana fight with mana cap of 18. It's a standard rule set with no effects on rules and mechanics. At mid mana fights, you can use high mana monsters but still take note of the limited mana capacity as you may find yourself using one big monster but being surrounded by your opponent.

Standard gameplay, rules and mechanics without any changes.

Team Lineup

  • Summoner: Thaddeus Brood: Better of the two free summoners. The -1 magic to opponents help control the power of opponent magic users while the -1 health is applicable for every opponent.
  1. Cursed Windeku: This is the best melee death tank for me. The thorns counters melee monsters and sometimes can win games.
  2. Magi Necrosi: The main focus of today's review. Probably the best death monster among chaos legion. Not only he has snipe which prioritizes non-melee units, which is most of the time, low health units, but he also has camouflagethat protects him from being targeted by attacks while not being in first position.
  3. Undead Badger: Low mana cost with Sneak ability. Sneak ability allows your monsters to attack while not in first position.

Below are the list of abilities in my team:

Below are the battle per turn.
Red texts indicates that opponent killed someone on my team

Round 1

  • My Undead Badger dies from opponent's Celestial Harpy's opportunity attack.

Round 2

  • Opponent's Time Mage dies from Magi Necrosi's snipe.
  • Due to Magi Necrosi's camouflage ability, he cannot be targeted by attacks. Celestial Harpy's opportunity attacks directs to Cursed Windeku.
  • Opponent's Celestial Harpy dies from my Cursed Windeku's thorns.
  • Opponent's Stitch Leech dies from my Cursed Windeku's thorns.

Round 3

  • Blinding Reflector dies from Magi Necrosi's attack.
  • Gargoya Scrapper dies from Cursed Windeku's attack.

Author's Notes

About my Lineup

My lineup is composed of an anti-melee tank in the form of Cursed Windeku and anti-mage summoner in the form of Thaddeus Brood. Since magic attacks and range attacks does not trigger the thorns ability, reducing damage to these two types of damage helps a lot in increasing my tank's survivability.

Magi Necrosi helps in dealing with non-melee monsters that normally provides increased stats to opponent. His magic damage also works a lot well in combination to his snipe ability as it bypasses any armor when dealing with these units. However, the winning formula is the camouflage ability. This forces my opponent to deal with my other monsters first before they can get their hands on Magi Necrosi.

Undead Badger is the most cost efficient 2 mana unit for death. Not only it can be positioned anywhere but sneak ability allows him to attack as well despite being a melee unit.

Did your strategy work?

Yes, the strategy strongly relies on having my main tank, Cursed Windeku, alive. However, it has a back up plan of allowing every monsters to be able to attack every turn. There are no turns that are wasted as all monsters can attack anytime regardless of their positions.

What will you try differently next time?

If I would say one thing I would try differently is interchanging the positioning of Undead Badger and Magi Necrosi. If by chance, the opponent doesn't have opportunity abilities and sneak abilities, it would be Magi Necrosi would go in front first if Cursed Windeku dies disabling Camouflage ability. However, I don't think there would be a big change in the result of the game.

Also, the mana cap for this battle is very limited and due to Magi Necrosi and Cursed Windeku's mana costs, the choices are very limited.

Do you like MAGI NECROSI? Why or why not?

If I only own Magi Necrosi, I would be using him in every battle. I think the card is overpowered even at level 1. The combination of snipe ability and magic damage is amazing as it disregards any armor the opponent have. The safeness of having camouflage also helps a lot as it provides defense on the low health Magi Necrosi allowing him to survive longer in battle.


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