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There are several ways to invest money and we did I want to find a way where we get maximum profit and minimum loss. Is that possible every time you invest? As you can see in crypto how humans the crypto market dumped a lot as compared to the pump of the past few months.
If you are in crypto then you have to find ways to minimize your loss BTC was up a few months back and now it is you can say not cheap but cheap as compared to what it was a few months. I did think about the people who would it BTC at an all-time high recently.
They must be pro-investors to have the courage to invest their money in BTC. To be honest I don't online BTC but I was going to invest this year.
The government came off with a 30% crypto bill. So I am being doubtful now should I invest or not.
I will wait for tomorrow months and let's see how the entire crypt of them has been implemented by the government after that I will decide if I invest or not.

If you buy crypto for any stocks from an app or any website You do prefer to buy that particular stocks or crypto. Then the risk is all yours.
If you have invested and company h any government bank or any government authorized policies then there is a chance that the loss could be minimized.

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I did see that there are many options to invest in banks like RD and FD. The bank has a specific system and they have so many minds to look after their money and their investments to minimize their loss and maximize their profit so the investors to the banks can get a good return and they will come again and invest more and more.

is SIP risky?

Yes, it is risky if you are investing buy on your own.
I did invest in a few stocks monthly SIP off xx INR. there were clear instructions that the price will fluctuate buy the market price and I was well aware of that when I did invest via and have a popular app in my country that is groww app.
I did like the app a lot you can buy stocks, invest via SIP, in RD , in FD there are many more ways to do that. If you are investing your money via a bank then there is a chance that you will get a return that is supposed to beget.

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If you are investing in an RD it will be like monthly SIP and if it says you will get 4 % per year interest in it then you will surely do get that there is 100 % surety of that. We all did see the changes of interest rates due to Coivd but they have not increased the rates yet.
My point is that if you are ready to risk money then mutual funds are the best option. The chances are you can get more the 30 % return in some mutual funds not everyone.
If you want to play safe then go with your bank RD, FD, other plans that are suggested by your bank.
Investment in a post office is a good to move if you are planning to open an RD account the return interest is good are many more schemes for children and women too.

I will say do your own research and invest never truth others when you are investing. we do think and research a lot when we do buy new things then why we do invest in a hurry.

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