What To Do With Your Hive Power [HP] / Hive. 🧠

Hi there to all hive members, I hope you all doing great and having fun in your life enjoying a lot with your loved ones.

Today my post will be about What To Do With Your Hive Power [HP] / Hive. 🧠 🧠

As we all are well aware of HP, what all this is, and what we can do with this here in Hive. In my starting days I have also faced a lot of problems with the Hive power and The Resource Credits.

There are many more basic things that you will need to learn if you are new here
Read this FAQ you will know everything this is only for all the Beginners here.

Now let us stick to the Topic that is How To Use Your Hive Power

most of us now are well aware of all the things here but this post is not for the experts.

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I have seen that many of the accounts are just paused but they still have a good HP, Hive, and HBD in their account I don't know why but they are doing this kind of thing with their accounts.

There are many things to do with your Hive Power if you are not blogging or maybe not quite active this will be helpful for all of us around here as per my thoughts.

Things to do-:


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By delegating your Hive Power you can earn a passive income from the hive platform, this is the best way to earn if you are active or not it will give a regular income in hive or tokens it all depends on where you have delegated your Hive Power.
carefully delegate your Hive power the more you invest the more you will get in return never place all the eggs in the same basket.



This is another amazing way to use your hive power and earn hive in return
Lease is an open gateway to earning steady passive income, utilizing the first of its kind token leasing app to earn constant daily returns.*
You can visit the Lease website and see the Available Leases in the list and then you can lease it and earn daily hive as per your leased Hive power.

FAQ of lease

Curation Trails


This is a third way to use your hive power this is another way to earn Hive power by following Curation Trails from the list by visiting the website . There are many active curation trails you can follow anyone of them with you wish to follow and set your voting power for the curation trails.
This will help you to earn you a regular Hive Power as per your Hive Power.

FAQ of Curation Trails

Hive Engine


This is the Forth way to earn hive or Tokens By selling and buying tokens from the Hive Engine. There are many tokens therein Hive Engine you can visit and see by yourself and invest some hive or earn some from the tokens you have earned from tags you use in your post. I will make a new post that will clear all the tokens and how you can earn them without buying them.

FAQ for Hive-engine

Thanks a lot for being here I hope you find something new here, let me know what you think about this post.


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updated on 09-08-2021

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