Few Important Tips for new hive users

Namaskar / Hello to all hive users, who will reach this post. I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with your loved ones.

I am here from here more then 3 years and I am just here to share few important tips that will be sure helpful for the new users, I was not really that active in most of my past years but I know what it really means to be active here in hive.
There are few tips that I would like to share with the new user here most of us here are very advanced they know all the things but not all of us know that indeed I will share some tips that will helpful for the new user.

  • Post -
    This is the key factor of to the user who wish to grow here, and earn from here a real crypto currency, posting is the best way to earn #Hive in you are not a investor like few user here they really have invested a lot here and they have sure doing great here by up-voting others post and this is how the things work here.

  • Make Quality content-
    If you are here to earn a good income in the post then sure you will earn a good rewards from here you have to write a good content and interact with more and more user here. That will sure help you to grow here.

  • Don't Copy & paste -
    There are many new users want to grow here more and starts using Copy and paste form other websites and that is not good indeed. That is really a bad effect to your followers and the other content creators who are here doing hard work and not earn a good income from here,I feel really bad for them may be there will be a minimum reward system for all the users who write good content.


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  • Engage -
    Engagement is the key to success here I have learn this in past few months, I love to comment on others posts and share there posts of other social media. If you comment on others users post sure you will get response in your post too it may takes few time but it will sure give you a result

  • Ask for help-
    If you are new here don't be shy /hesitate to ask what you are confused about, Feel free to ask others that will help you to grow here and you can read most FAQ from #hive this really helpful and if you have confusion then feel free to ask me and others here all are very helpful and great hear.
    I am here today with the help of all the amazing user here.

  • Join communities -
    There is a great option of communities , here in #Hive you can join the communities as per your interest and post in your communities that will help you to grow here and engage more here and this is the key to success here it sure take time.

  • Join Discord-
    Every communities here have a dedicated discord server here and you can sure that will help you a lot in the starting stages,, if you are not in discord then feel free to contact me, this is my user id in Bhattg#5557feel free to join and ask me whatever you wish to ask, I will be do my best to help you.

  • Make Goals-
    Make goals here to achieve more and more here and keep tracking your goals that you made track them weekly or monthly.Goals make us to help achieve things more easily and break them in small -2 goals.

  • Have Patience-
    One thing that is you have to do is have some patience, you will be not a whale in a day, you can be if you are that much rich to buy a lot of #hive in a seconds. It sure takes time to earn here at the start its hard to achieve a good payout from here but sure you will make a good payout if you will try your best here and post good content and engage more in discord and in hive also. This is the key to success here.

  • Participate -
    Take part in the contest that are going here in hive just search by tag #contest you will find all the contest are currently on going here and that will sure help you to view others posts to and that will sure make you inspire to see others posts or may be you do inspire others to take part in the contest do share if you see any contest on going may be someone will got benefit from that post

  • Invest Hive/HBD/Hive power -
    If you have hive/HBD then make sure to invest it the money is bank is worthless else it is invested. you can see my past post to know about all the things that will help you to learn more about all the basic things.
    What To Do With Your Hive Power [HP] / Hive. 🧠
    Where To Delegate Your Hive Power [HP]
    Tokens to Buy on Hive- Engine
    I hope this will be helpful, feel free to ask if you need any help.

Thanks a lot for being here, let me know what you think. Feel free to ask







Thanks & Regards
-----Together we will make this a better place-----

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