How To convert HIVE to Real Money (USD/INR) Part -1

Hello there to all hive user, day by day many user are joining this amazing platform, most the user from my country ask a question can you really earn from this and they need ask me for the proof of that.
I have told them I will show them yes it is true and I will sure a post on that and I guess this is that post. I will explain the process of how to convert you hive to your own country money.
most of the user here are well aware of this basic things but not all are.
so this is for the new user only and guide me or enlighten me if I would be wrong anywhere or if there is any better way to do that.

I use Binance and wazirx to do most of trading things.
I have made my mind not to sell my any HIVE till 2025 my be that will go more long.
I sell weekly one of my friends hive and send the money to his bank account directly and it really feels great.

hive convert .png

I have learn lot for things here and now its time to share my achieved knowledge with other user here.

There are steps to do that I will try to explain every single things of that, so lets began

step1 :

Make sure you have a hive in your account to transfer to Binance , if you have some x amount in your wallet then that would be great,Make sure the amount the is not too low you there are few exchange rates so be careful.

step2 :

If the step 1 is checked then go to your Binance account and follow the steps

Screenshot (950).png

  • go to wallet > overview

Screenshot (951).png

  • Then click to the Deposit and select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit , withdraw and transfer your cryptocurrency. We are to sell / buy hive so select Hive from the list.

Screenshot (954).png

Screenshot (956).png

  • make sure to copy the address and memo. that is the most important thing to do.
    just simply copy and paste the memo and address all the time that is the best option to do.

The @deepcrypto8 account that is used to send your money from you hive wallet to the
Binance account.

Screenshot (957).png

Screenshot (955).png

If you have compete the above steps then you are ready to go for the third step.

Step 3:

send your Hive to Binance account, and make sure to copy both the name and meme carefully and you have wait for few minutes to reflect your hive in the Binance account.


Step 4:

Make sure you received you hive to your wallet


I will make the second part soon I will sell them in market,
Actually I was in the mind of the post it was post by mistake so I have to complete it while it was al ready post.

This was a demand post from many of my Indian friends I hope now they will understand how to transfer there hive to binance account.

I hope you know that how to transfer hive to your binance account.

Thanks a lot for being here, let me know what you think.

Part -2 of this post






Thanks & Regards
-----Together we will make this a better place-----

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