Best ways to earn money in hive while you sleep πŸ’°

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There are many ways to earn passive if a search on the internet there would be more than countless ways to earn the passive income.

Passive income is money that flows in regular intervals without the need for putting in a considerable amount of effort to create it.


In my opinion, Hive has many projects and other things here that can provide you a passive income. There are many ways to earn passive income here in the hive

  • delegation
  • dividend tokens
    are the best way to earn the passive income πŸ€‘

I have all-ready-made the post of the delegation, what do with your HP and tokens to buy on the hive engine have a look

What To Do With Your Hive Power [HP] / Hive. 🧠
Where To Delegate Your Hive Power [HP]
Tokens to Buy on Hive- Engine


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Today we will talk about the dividend tokens of the hive engine.
Many of us are well aware of that and you can see the top holders of that if you want to you know that right use leodex for that , this is the same as hive engine but have some additional features. I will cover tokens in this post which are my favorite.

  • Utopis -

Passive earnings and gains in profitable and worthwhile projects. If you look at my hive feed (@chronocrypto) you will see that I have a proven track record of investing in good, sustainable projects with good payouts and dividends.

read more about utopis project
The thing is the token gives dividend in the hive (weekly )
the current price of Utopis token is 3.5 hive (approx)
Buy Utopis

  • bro -

Community token for Bros. As incentive buyers earn 50% daily curation rewards from @Brofund.

bro funds pay daily as per your bro token holdings and as per the delegation you made to their account @brofi.
its give a lot of token daily in the dividends
The current price of bro token is 7.26 HIVE
Buy Bro

BRO gives the following dividend tokens:

  • neoxag
  • pal
  • leo
  • weed
  • stem
  • bee
  • sim
  • archon
  • spt
  • lotus
  • cine
  • sps
  • Archon -

Archon Tribe Token: 100k to start. 1 ARCHON will be added to the reward pool every 150 blocks for PoB. Miners split 100k ARCHON per year. Staked ARCHON is a source of GP in Archon Governance.

Archon also provides archon by staking it in the hive engine , good toke to earn passive income this how money makes money. The dividend is daily
the archon token has its miner token too that is archonm it is worth 70 HIVE each and it's out of my reach 😁just made a rhyme.
The current price of archon token is 0.20700001 HIVE
Buy Archon


This is the token I brought a few months ago it gives passive income in the hive. The funda of this token is simple you have to buy 25 tokens only to start the passive income from the token. I bought that is cheaper than the current price 😁
The current Price of Income token is 4.35 HIVE
Buy Income

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Never forgot one thing you should be grateful for because what you have someone has a dream of that. So learn to be grateful. Be Thankful. πŸ™πŸ˜€

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updated on- 09-08-2021

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