Project Utopis Whitepaper


Project Utopis
Executive Summary

• Aims
• The Problem
• The Solution
• Implementation
• Growth Model
• Hive Power
• Miner Rigs
• Dividends
• Coin Price
• Networking Model
• Tokenomics
• Conclusion

Executive Summary

I am building a multifaceted project that will focus on paying out dividends from several unique endpoints in the goal of ultimately boosting my hive power and focusing on coin and project growth.

1. Aims

To create a sustainable and worthwhile project focusing on paying out epic dividends to coin holders
Exponential project growth through profit compounding
Coin price growth
Hive growth through power ups

2. The Problem

Dividends are scarce. We all know the time and money that it takes to build a project that delivers sustainable and regular dividends. Many have tried, most have failed. You need not look far on the web to find a slew of Projects that have been obliterated over the years by high mining difficulties and low payouts. The prices needed to keep these relevant have slowly become astronomical and ultimately unsustainable.

Roll in DeFi, Decentralized Finance has been the save-the-day plaster plopped on an open wound just aching to start bleeding again. Those that have made successes of themselves have now priced the little guy out of the market, making it difficult for anyone with the get rich fever but not much capital to make anything worth it.

Crypto is a gamble. We put money on something, and it always feels as if it is pure luck that the tokens we chose begin to rise and 10x from there. Whilst people say that cryptocurrency is a viable alternative to a savings account, and which it can be at times, you have to choose the correct tokens, or you could lose it all.

Picking and choosing a token to invest on requires a lot of research, time, and effort, and if it’s not your day job you can often find yourself missing out on important stuff.

All in all, right now, cryptocurrency is a total gamble, you invest your money in altcoins, and it’s hit and miss whether you make any money or not.

Did you know that the market reports that 90% of traders lose money?

3. The Solution


Passive earnings and gains in profitable and worthwhile projects. If you look at my hive feed (@chronocrypto) you will see that I have a proven track record of investing into good, sustainable projects with good payouts and dividends.

No longer will you need to think about what to buy into next when you can invest in Utopis and you will earn hive passively from owning my token.

I am uniquely set up in a similar fashion to @brofund with a twist. You will earn hive from my project rather than an array of carefully curated tokens.

I will also be looking at powering up Hive Power as much as I can.
The way it is set up will be sustainable, and you will always be looking forward to the future developments I have up my sleeve because I am always looking out for new and great ways to earn.

4. Implementation

You’re probably wondering how this is all going to work now because it all sounds too good to be true. Well, let me show you. Here is what I plan to do at initial coin sell off.

  • I have a mining rig which pumps out around $15 in profits per day. At the end of the week this will be transferred into hive and given out as a 75% share to coin holders. I have two RX5700xts, 3 R9 290x waiting on parts and I am currently mining ETH. Plan for the mining farm would be to hit 500 MH/s 2-3 months considering the out of stock GPUs and varies other compoantes to a mining rig.

  • I do Doordash this is where the bulk of the divended payouts will come from: which supplements my income and I earn roughly $1200 per week. I plan to put in a 25% of Weekly earnings from this and increase the percentage overtime.

You can find more information here: @chronocrypto/usd1200-last-week-only-27-9-hours-more-usdusd-for-my-hive-leo-bags , Payouts would be done Monday 25% earnings convertided to Hive and then paid out to coinholders this should roll out with in a week or so.

Any further gigs I do I will use to pump my bags and power up.

I have the highest amount of staked workerbee that pays out dividends regularly.

Second Biggest BRO owner, that pays out 1000~ in hive relative to the dividends.

Bear in mind this is only our starting point. As I sell my coin for hive, I will use that to grow and compound exponentially, growing the Mining Farm would be the ultimate goal.

5. Growth Model

I plan to grow my project with these key metrics:

  • Hive power

  • Miner rig size

  • Dividends

  • Coin price

5.1 Hive power

From sales and my own portion of the earnings I will be looking at powering up our project as much as I can. This will only grow in size through time.

5.2 Mining rigs

Similar to Hive Power I will use the non-dividend portion to grow my mining rig so that I mine harder and faster with the focus on growth and dividends.

5.3 Dividends.

Through my focus on compounding as much as I can, I will be focusing on growing the dividends substantially. Initially, I expect the dividends to get smaller as we sell more coins into the hands of hiveans, however I think as I attain more hive and we eventually sell out, our dividends will begin to increase exponentially.

5.4 Coin Price

Like BRO I admired the almost 90% token burn and the effect that has had on the token price. I want to emulate this and follow a similar pattern. This is why I will release tokens in stages, and have a small soft cap. However, my hard cap will be higher just until I am happy that everything is flowing smoothly.

6. Networking model

Again, like BRO I will be looking to grow in other projects too. For example, I prefer to work together with projects rather than seeing them as competition. Helping each other grow better and larger is the way to go. I will also be trying to work with other similar project owners in an attempt to create some synergy around hive.

7. Tokenomics

  • Total Hard Cap: 1 Million Tokens
  • Total Minted: 100,000
  • First issue: 15,000
  • Price @ first issue: 2 hive


This is of course only the start of what we can achieve. My first aim is to create an extremely bulky project with a competitive coin price that pays out outstanding dividends. The afterwards I will look into forwarding our direction from there. So, expect another roadmap in due course. For now, though, it’s going to be epic, and in the words of Bill and Ted,
“The Best Time To Be Is Now, And All’s We Can Say Is...Let’s Rock!”

You can you buy Utopis on Tribaldex.

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