Monday Breakfast Celebration and Thoughts


One of the things I love more than anything is to celebrate breakfast :-) Making tea, getting everything I feel like from the fridge and setting it up in front of me. Then sit down nice and cozy and enjoy.

Today I was in the mood for smoked salmon and a hard-boiled egg. In addition, as usually my rye crispbread, because my digestion with other cereal products seems to have more and more problems.




This cutting board with the fairy tale figures was originally intended for my little grandniece. Oddly enough, she didn't like it and so it was more obvious that I old childhead use it ;-)


Here exclusively a smoked salmon princess lol



Monday morning, a new week full of things to do in front of me, now in the home office and off I go full of ideas in my head.
It's really time to change some basic things in my life and I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks to @foxkoit for the super morning motivation today! Your breakfast posting brought all this to roll on ;-)

@weone has released a very nice trailer today for his soon to be available book. This gave me the idea, all of us in the Ecency Discord may like to look at the others posts more often?

And as @dickturpin put it so nicely: Be excellent to each other and here you can find the tag to use this idea: #beexcellenttoeachother please Dick tell us, what kind of posts you would love to see via this tag?

Meanwhile my Cherub Angel post has reached payout by now. 4.413 HBD3.429 HP Unfortunately it was not possible to add a subsequent benefactor reward, but I will send 1 HSBI share each to my two angel term finder helpers WeOne and DickTurpin ;-)


So dear ones, thinking about in the future I could make kind of a MONDAY REVIEW "what new interesting blogger posts came out last week from ecency discord users" what do you all think about this idea? Or everybody who wants can make such a posting also, with his special "best articles out of ecency discord" ?

Just an idea, lets discuss it if you like!

@zakludick made a great garden posting 5 days ago
@coolguy222 a delicious white chicken recipe
@bitcoinflood is a look worth, a lot of information all about our kryptoworld
@melinda010100 just made an amazing winter photo post
@easternface working on his NFTs for his new game, looks great
@pravesh0 did a good entry to eco train question

Wish you all a great successful 3rd week of 2022 :-) yours B.

all photos by @beeber
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