Marketfriday with local groceries shop

Welcome to the another #marketfriday and friday is also a local government public holiday too.

So, after a six days in a row of a week everywhere is enable to get a holiday and here is Friday is selected, before that-Sunday was the local holiday but i can't remember as i was little baby or kid or may be it was before my born life.

Anyway, i like the #marketfriday but i am not a true blogger or photographer that all thing managed in a nicely way. So, thinking about how do i manage this week for #marketfriday and then my family ask for few groceries items from the market and that's jits lighting into my brain to complete the shopping from groceries store and post at here.

This is full bag of colourfull chips which needs to fry with hot oil, soya been oil mostly used here but the price of oil per littre is too much high here.

There are lot of things arround in the little grocery shop just find and click one by one.
Lots of variety and full bags of others crispy raw snacks.

This is a raw noodles, if you think about hygiene and safety- you are right but boiling and fried may reduced the risk, just thinking others peoples and assuming think tank in my mind. Anyway, i always Try to buy safe and safety products for food and health consumer issues.

Some powered milk and others wrapped packed food products are also available here.

The most consuming food in the world by peoples are egg, and these eggs are very high price too here.

A lots variety and different pules and legumes are also keep aside in a row.

A few collection of cake just put into aside in a box of display.

For the kids attraction with a big lolly pop!

Beside that shop, few items like coconut and sugar with puff rice are available there.

The flattened rice from the white type of raw rice/ paddy.

The red flattened rice which comes from Irre paddy

The ripped coconut which is used for making cake, sweet desert item, sweet ball with white pulp of inside coconut.

So, i have gone to market for buy few green unripe mango for the purpose of pickles and jame, neside that other jame also present here which is fully made by home procedure.

Three items of jame.

Mango for 'Kashmire Achar'

Jame from Hog plum

Jame from Elephant apple.

So far today, this is my #marketfriday which is conducted by @dswigle, a beautiful community where peoples share lots of there culture and tradition, a market is a key where your culture and traditions grow up, change and update which is also containing one generation to another generation.

Thanks for reading and watching this post, hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you with a #marketfriday.

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